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Pigeons Blow the Lid Off A Secret Cannabis Grow Operation

Pigeons Blow the Lid Off A Secret Cannabis Grow Operation - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Pigeons Blow the Lid Off A Secret Cannabis Grow Operation

Pigeons are clever birds. Their relationship with humankind is ancient; they’ve carried messages between armies in wartime, and are capable of navigating over long distances, among other wonders.

Unfortunately for whoever was illegally growing cannabis in Merseyside, England, the birds’ ability to sense warmth in the cold winter climate outed their secret operation.

The pigeons unwittingly narced on the illegal cannabis grow op, gathering in large numbers on the roof of a warehouse where the plants were being cultivated.

The pigeons weren’t attracted to the pot like some drug-sniffing canine. Instead, the brood was on the search for a warm place to rest and nest, and the heat lamps being used for the climate control system of the grow operation were acting like a giant space-heater.

The warmth generated from the heat-lamps thawed the frost on the roof of the building, making it an ideal nesting perch for the town’s pigeon population.

The town’s police happened to notice that hundreds of pigeons preferring to rest on one particular roof, the only roof without snow and frost in the neighborhood sunk in a deep winter chill.

According to The Sun, a subsequent raid uncovered 14 cannabis plants, capable of producing up to $2,500 worth of the weed every ten weeks.

A source said: “Police became suspicious on the first frosty morning of the winter about ten days ago.

“The roof was covered with about 300 pigeons all keeping warm. They’ve all moved on now though.”

The pigeons acted as a giant neon sign advertising, “marijuana grown here!” — and it wasn’t long before police obtained a warrant to search the building.

So far, no information on arrests has been provided, but investigators aren’t ruling out linking the bust to twelve earlier arrests involving 1.4 tons of cocaine disguised as wooden pallets, which were seized in Spain.

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