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Police Search Stage 4 Cancer Patients Hospital Room for Marijuana

Nolan Sousley/Youtube


Police Search Stage 4 Cancer Patients Hospital Room for Marijuana

A video uploaded to YouTube recently shows what appears to be cops in Missouri harassing a late-stage pancreatic cancer patient in his hospital room.

In the video, the cops claim they’re looking for marijuana. After six minutes of searching, however, they fail to find anything. Despite this, at the video’s end, it appears that the cops continued demanding further searches of the patient and his belongings.

YouTube Video Shows Cops Harassing Cancer Patient

The video was uploaded to YouTube on March 7 by a user named Nolan Sousley. It’s unclear if Nolan Sousley is in the video or not.

But in any case, the video shows a patient sitting in his hospital room. According to the video’s caption and some of the dialog captured in the video, the patient is dealing with stage four pancreatic cancer.

In fact, at multiple points in the video, the patient indicates that his cancer is very far advanced. So much so, that he mentions having a bag full of what he called his “final day things.”

The video begins with two cops rummaging through a backpack and a paper shopping bag. The cops eventually say they received a complaint that the patient was in possession of marijuana.

According to the cops, they needed to respond to that complaint by searching the patient’s things. They also said that if they found any marijuana they would give the patient a citation.

As the cops continue searching one bag after another, the patient and another man in the room try to explain the situation.

At one point, they explain that the patient uses cannabis medicinally. Specifically, they say that the medical marijuana products the man uses help with things like appetite loss, weight loss, nausea, and pain.

Further on, the patient and his friend clarify that the patient only uses CBD. Even more, the men end up having to explain Missouri medical marijuana laws to the cops. At one point, the men tell the cops that CBD oil—like the oil used by the patient in the video—is legal in Missouri.

Despite all this, the cops refuse to leave the room. In fact, they continue searching through all the bags they can find. Finally, the cops turn their attention to what sounds like the last bag in the room.

This one, the patient says, is full of his “final day things” including his medications. The bulk of the video ends up focusing on a back and forth between the cops and the patient about this bag.

In the conversation, the patient repeatedly says he will not allow the cops to search his bag. The cops refuse to leave and make repeated attempts to search it.

At no point do the cops present any sort of search warrant. The only justification they ever give for their search is that they received a complaint about marijuana being in the room.

It’s unclear how the incident in the video concluded. But one thing is clear: the men in the video are correct. Medical marijuana, including CBD oil, is legal in Missouri.

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