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Alaska becomes the first state to allow marijuana consumption in public

Alaska becomes the first state to allow marijuana consumption in public - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Alaska becomes the first state to allow marijuana consumption in public

Alaska may soon become the first state that will allow the use of marijuana in public spaces, like retail stores.

This proposal was approved during a vote by Alaska’s own Marijuana Control Board creating the opportunity to allow for this change in local regulations.

This would allow people to consume marijuana products at approved public spaces, with the consumption taking place in an area specially designated for cannabis.

This approach, to allow public consumption at something like a “marijuana bar” area in a retail space, will be a welcome change for all marijuana-loving consumers.

This proposal by the Control Board surprised many people since most recent discussions were about ways to  sanction the use of marijuana in public spaces.

But here is why the proposal is still not as relaxed as it seems –  marijuana social clubs will still be considered illegal.

Why? Because people bring their own marijuana to the club, which is purchased at a different location, to consume it.

That is why this proposed amendment allows the business to sell marijuana and immediately allow people to enjoy it in specially created spaces after it is purchased.

After cannabis was legalized in Alaska, many marijuana social clubs appeared as an answer to the question of where people could enjoy their bud-based products.

Still, authorities consider the clubs to be illegal, because the use of marijuana in public spaces was not allowed.

At the moment, there are four types of licenses concerning the subject of marijuana, including cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail.

These facilities previously mentioned, in which marijuana consumption would be allowed, will all fall under the retail license.

If the facility is selling the product and people go there to buy it, then they will also have the chance to enjoy it there as well.

Even if this new proposal for public consumption of marijuana has restrictions, it is something unseen in the rest of the country. No other states allow this type public use, retail or not, not even in clubs.

The new amendment was voted for and passed by the majority of the Board’s participants.

Even though the amendment passed the Marijuana Control Board, it will still have to be approved by the Alaska Department of Law before becoming entirely valid.

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