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The 5 Most Anti-Weed States of America

The 5 Most Anti-Weed States of America


The 5 Most Anti-Weed States of America

Anti-Weed States of America

Weed is increasing in popularity across the United States. However, some states are still afraid of legalizing marijuana. Have you ever wondered which states were the biggest haters of marijuana? Using information gathered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA, we ranked the top 5 anti-weed states. We also go into detail on why marijuana may be unfavorable in each state.


The 5 Most Anti-Weed States of America

The Mississippi Marijuana Legalization Amendment, Initiative 48 is a constitutional amendment that did not make it to Mississippi’s November ballot this year. The ballot title read: “Should the use, cultivation and sale of cannabis and industrial hemp be legalized for persons 21 years or older?”

Mississippi residents decided it should not be legalized when they did not provide the minimum number of certified signatures required to put a measure on the state’s ballot. The Republican Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, who was re-elected by the state’s voters last year, has expressed his opposition for legal marijuana.

The GOP recently decided not to support the legalization of marijuana and the state of Mississippi’s government is entirely republican. Thus, it comes as no surprise that residents have the highest anti-weed sentiments in the country.


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