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Bernie Sanders Promises to Legalize Marijuana At Puerto Rico Rally

Bernie Sanders Promises to Legalize Cannabis At Puerto Rico Rally


Bernie Sanders Promises to Legalize Marijuana At Puerto Rico Rally

At a rally today in Puerto Rico, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised he would legalize marijuana if he becomes president.

Video of Bernie Sanders Promising to Legalize Marijuana at Puerto Rico Rally:

Sanders started out his address by speaking Spanish. He explained that because his Spanish isn’t good enough to give an entire speech, he’d be giving the bulk of his talk in English.

But he knew enough Spanish to answer one person’s question.

After Sanders’s speech, a person in the audience asked the candidate about his stance on marijuana.

“Would you legalize marijuana?” the audience member asked, first in Spanish than in English.

Sanders quickly replied: “Si.”

He followed up his one-word promise to legalize marijuana with another joke about his Spanish skills.

“You see,” he said, “my Spanish is good enough to know that word.”

Sanders went on to explain some of his reasons for wanting to legalize marijuana. He said that too many people in the U.S. get criminal records for non-violent, marijuana-related crimes. And this makes it harder for those people to get jobs, he said.

Today’s rally isn’t the first time Sanders has spoken up for legalizing marijuana.

In fact, he’s been consistently open about his ideas regarding marijuana.

At a rally in Michigan a couple of months ago he admitted that he’s tried smoking pot before.

“And what it did for me was it made me cough a lot, that was my response, ” he said.

“But I gather other people have had different experiences.”

And toward the end of 201, he teamed up with rapper Killer Mike to record a series of videos. In one of them, the duo talked about the war on drugs.

In that video, Sanders said there’s pressing need to change the U.S.’s war on drugs, especially when it comes to marijuana.

“The federal Controlled Substance Act says that marijuana is the same as heroin,” he stated in the video.

“Of course, it’s crazy. Everybody knows it’s crazy.”

As marijuana becomes legal in more states, it’s becoming a hot political topic.

At the beginning of the year, President Obama said he would not focus on changing marijuana laws during his last year in office. And in April, the DEA released a memo saying that it may consider rescheduling marijuana.


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