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Bhang Chocolates Warehouse Raided

Bhang Chocolates Warehouse Raided | Green Rush Daily


Bhang Chocolates Warehouse Raided

Yesterday, the warehouse that produces the well known line of edibles, Bhang Chocolate, was raided by narcotics officers in San Diego.

The raid began early Thursday morning, when law enforcement agents produced a search warrant. A hazmat team swept through the building before any cops entered, a procedure that’s typically used at sites producing butane hash oil (BHO).

At the end of the search, two employees were arrested: 42 year old Patrick McDonald and 48 year old Daniel Gregg.

According to local news sources, the two were arrested on suspicion of manufacturing an illegal substance and manufacturing an illegal substance with intent to sell.

The raid has created some confusion in the community, and especially in the larger medical marijuana community, since the warehouse is owned by Med West, a company that produces legal medical cannabis products.

“They’ve been here for years now and have had no complaints from neighbors,” Med West attorney Lance Rogers told reporters.

“It’s a state-compliant commercial cannabis business.”

Along with producing Bhang chocolates, Med West uses the warehouse to produce cannabis extracted oils and other edibles.

The products made in the warehouse are only shipped to licensed dispensaries, another Med West lawyer, Jessica McElfresh, confirmed.

Details about why exactly the raid occurred remain murky.

“San Diego police have not revealed the basis for the raid,” said one news outlet. “But say they believe the business is an illegal hash oil lab.”

Another source claimed that the search warrant and subsequent raid resulted from an anonymous tip.

“City personnel with code enforcement and the city attorney’s office toured this facility in April last year and we’ve had an ongoing dialogue,” Rogers said.

“We thought the case was closed.”

“Tomorrow the cancer patients, the AIDS patients who rely on safe quality medical cannabis can go to a licensed facility,” he added.

“However, there will be no product on the shelves because it’s all been taken by the police behind us.”

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