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4-20-2017: The Countdown to Cannabis Legalization in Canada

cannabis legalization in canada


4-20-2017: The Countdown to Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Canada elected a new Prime Minister on October 20, Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party. And cannabis enthusiasts across Canada are paying close attention to one campaign promise in particular, the promise Trudeau made to legalize recreation cannabis for the entire country.

Yeah, you heard that right: all of Canada could be weed-legal in 2017!

cannabis legalization in canada

4.20! The Countdown to Cannabis Legalization in Canada

In a cosmic coincidence—or was it planned all along?!—Trudeau promised to pass comprehensive marijuana legalization in Canada 18 months after being elected, which means that if he keeps his word, he’ll have to pass the legislation by April 19, 2017.

In other words, Canadians stand a high chance of finding weed completely legal and decriminalized on the eve of the international herb holiday, April 20, or 4/20. ‘O, Canada!


With its close ties to the United Stakes and the U.K., many are already speculating that cannabis legalization in Canada will have profound ripple effects on weed laws and legalization legislation in those places.

Imagine that: Canada may be taking the first to kick off a domino-effect of cannabis legalization around the entire world!

That possibility already has the blogosphere and social media speculating about the chance of world peace in the New World Order of Weed.

Major news outlets are also abuzz about cannabis legalization in Canada after Trudeau’s election to Prime Minister and the Liberal Party’s gaining a majority in Parliament.

Dope: The Most Radical Cannabis Legalization Policy in the World

Vox reports the cannabis legalization policy was a big part of the Liberals’ campaign: “We will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana. Canada’s current system of marijuana prohibition does not work.

It does not prevent young people from using marijuana and too many Canadians end up with criminal records for possessing small amounts of the drug.”

Additionally, says Vox, “marijuana legalization in Canada would show that international drug policy treaties need to change,” paving the way for global pot reform. Canada’s decision to legalize pot — if it


comes, and that’s still unsure — would be the most high-profile rebuke of these international treaties since they were signed.

Speaking bluntly, I’d say breaking the law in the name of weed is a just cause! Forward, Canada!

Forbes reported on the future windfalls of revenue for the business sector and Canada’s economy in general should cannabis become legal in Canada, where previously Conservative Party members were only willing to go so far as legalizing medical ganja. According to Forbes, Medical marijuana has been projected to become a $1 billion business in Canada by 2020.

The legalization of recreational use could push the industry into a $7 billion business by some estimates.

So invest now! Weed could be the future of Canada’s economy, which has been suffering from the impact of low energy prices.

Pot tax revenues would allow Trudeau to pay for the infrastructure spending he wants and the tax cuts on the middle class he promised. Sounds like a win-win-win-win…

Cannabis Legalization in Canada a Major Win For National Pot Industry

turd pot5The Guardian also reported that shares in Canada’s marijuana industry, especially for the big players, are shooting through the roof!

More than one or two victory joints have been blazed by companies like Canopy Growth corp, whose shares have already grown 29%!

That’s fast money, ladies and gentleman. According to The Guardian, Canopy Growth Corp, the country’s biggest producer, saw its shares spike as high as 21% when the markets opened the morning after the Liberal’s victory party.

trudpot1Bruce Linton, chief executive of Canopy Growth, which claims to provide to 20% of Canada’s medical cannabis users, said: “I think what you’ll see perhaps, after this election … is a recognition that there is an opportunity to collect taxes on something that is already being sold into the market illegally or illicitly.”

Cannabis Legalization in Canada: Toward the World Weed Order!

cannabis legalization in canadaIn the buzz and high spirits of all this news pot enthusiasts can be heard everywhere saying, yeah we’ve been telling you how sweet cannabis legalization would be for forever! And now, it finally seems like people who are listening are winning elections.

Here’s to the future of a weed-legal planet!


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