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Donald Trump May Back Marijuana Legalization For Votes

Trump May Back Cannabis Legalization For Votes


Donald Trump May Back Marijuana Legalization For Votes

While there is some evidence to support the fact that Donald Trump is pro-cannabis, whether or not that’s still true, and to what extent, remains unknown.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has become a household name over the course of the 2016 presidential election. The firebrand is the Republican party’s nominee, and he’s currently entrenched in a neck-and-neck race against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump’s position on some issues remains unclear. And as he rolls out his stance on some of these important topics his numbers in the polls will rise or fall accordingly.

One of these issues is the legality of the cannabis plant. With Clinton making headlines just last week for jesting that she “needs some” medicinal marijuana for a cough, her position on marijuana has become a subject of discussion. Her official position is that, should she become elected, marijuana would move from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 classification: an admission that the plant has medical value.

While there is some evidence to support the fact that Trump is pro-cannabis, whether or not that’s still true, and to what extent, remains unknown. One group of medical marijuana advocates have some advice for the prospective president: come out for legalizing medicinal cannabis federally.

Trump May Back Marijuana Legalization For Votes

Memo To Donald Trump: ‘Marijuana Legalization Will Get You Elected.’

With election day just around the corner, a Washington D.C. medical marijuana advocacy group sent a memo to the Trump campaign. The notice advised him to explicitly endorse the legalization of medical marijuana at the federal level.

Harmonious Code Council, the authors of the memo, seek to put an end to the tension created by state and federal laws when it comes to marijuana by legalizing it across all states. Their proposed solution is even more radical than Clinton’s; rather than move marijuana to a Schedule 2 substance, the organization urged Trump to take cannabis off of the list of controlled substances altogether. While taking marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 would result in greater access to the plant, removing it outright from the DEA’s list of banned substances would result in far more availability than ever before.

Dan Perrin, co-founder of Harmonious Code Council, called the proposition, “a win-win situation for conservative states-rights supporters, and liberals who support medical marijuana.” Importantly, he noted that those states that may want to vote to restrict or regulate cannabis would still be within their right to do so.

“Placing the issue of marijuana front and center of the political arena could stir things up for both candidates, and we think whomever comes out for harmonizing federal and state cannabis laws will have the best chance of winning, statistically,” Perrin continued. He went on to highlight the fact that the majority of Americans are pro-legalization at the federal level. Playing on this popularity, Perrin believes that Trump would be able to steal the election if he backed cannabis legalization.

In addition to garnering his much-needed supporters, the memo stated some other benefits of legalization as well. Low-income communities that are disproportionately affected by crime related to the possession and distribution of marijuana would greatly benefit from the legislation; consequently, our bloated prison system would get some much-needed alleviation. Additionally, the tax revenue generated from this new product would take money away from the illegal drug trade and put it in the pockets of the American people. These funds could then be used for infrastructure, education, and other federal projects, the memo said.

The Final Hit

As of now, Trump’s campaign has not responded to the plea from the Harmonious Code Council. Based on what we know of Trump, though, anything is possible, and seeing the nominee come to an agreement with the organization is something to look out for. If he did, the polls might very well tip in his favor; and maybe even the election.

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