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Marijuana Legalization Favored Everywhere It’s On The Ballot

Marijuana Legalization Favored Everywhere It's On The Ballot


Marijuana Legalization Favored Everywhere It’s On The Ballot

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana is legal in some form in 25 states and Washington D.C., and recent polls suggest that number may grow this November. In just a few weeks, five more states are voting on recreational marijuana legalization.

Fortunately, the most recent polls suggest that these measures are winning in all of them. While the margins are a little close, these results give hope to people who want to legalize marijuana all across the country. Below, we’ve got details on the polling in each of the five states.


The people of Arizona will be voting on “Proposition 205” to legalize marijuana. A ‘yes’ vote would allow residents 21 years of age and older to possess and use the plant.

According to an August poll of 784 registered voters, 50 percent support the bill. That leaves 40 percent opposed, and 10 percent undecided.


Californians will be voting on “Proposition 64,” or the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” this November. Voting ‘yes’ would legalize recreational marijuana and hemp. With with bill would also come taxes on the sale and growing of cannabis.

According to a late-September SurveyUSA poll, 52 percent of the 751 likely voters asked show support. With 41 percent opposed and 6 percent undecided, the measure can go either way for the Golden State.


Another late-September poll was done in Maine about “Question 1” to legalize marijuana. In it, researchers polled 505 likely voters, and 53 percent supported the measure versus 38 percent opposed. While there are 10 percent still undecided, the poll looks good for residents of Maine.


The Massachusetts bill for marijuana legalization, “Question 4,” would see marijuana become treated like alcohol. Results on the most recent poll of 700 likely voters are similar to those in Maine, with 53 percent in favor, 40 percent against, and 7 percent undecided.


According to one poll, Nevada seems to be the most likely state to pass their version of marijuana legalization, “Question 2.” The poll of 500 likely voters in the state looked great for marijuana supporters, with 57 percent in favor compared to only 33 percent against.

Another poll done at the same time paints a different picture. The poll asked 800 likely voters, with 47 percent for and 46 percent against. Depending on which poll you take, Nevada looks either very promising or very close.

The Final Hit

The data from these polls suggests that marijuana may soon become legal in many more states. Things like the difference between the 2 polls in Nevada, however, are cause for concern. Even the most favorable polls do not show a landslide victory in any state.

Still, there is a month to go before votes are cast. That gives the campaigns for marijuana legalization more time to continue their hard work in these states. With a little more support, these places may see marijuana become legal before the holiday season.

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