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San Diego Suburb Bans Delivery of Medicinal Marijuana

San Diego Suburb Bans Delivery of Medicinal Marijuana - GREEN RUSH DAILY


San Diego Suburb Bans Delivery of Medicinal Marijuana

It just got a lot harder to get medicinal marijuana in one San Diego suburb.

The City Council in Oceanside, CA made the decision to ban the delivery of medicinal marijuana to patients in spite of community resistance.

Reddit user, /u/frolf_for_daze, posted a letter from his doctor, Dr. Paula Shore, warning of the changes and calling patients to action.

“Your city council voted to ban delivery services in your town at the last city council meeting,” the letter begins.

Despite 30 audience members speaking out against and only 1 person arguing for the ban, the city council went forward with it.

“What the ban entails,” Dr. Shore argues in the letter, is “any delivery driver providing medical cannabis, if ‘caught’ in Oceanside, will be subjected to arrest, as a drug dealer.”

Anyone found delivering marijuana would be cited for distribution and additional charges are left to the “officer’s discretion.”

Many medicinal marijuana patients rely on delivery service to get access to their medicine if they are too sick to leave the house.

The ban on home delivery would make it nearly impossible for terminally or chronically ill patients to get access to their medicine.

“A cancer patient, a bedridden patient,” the letter continues, “not only would be unable to get their meds, they most certainly couldn’t get them safely, if forced to drive themselves, while so ill.”

Asking patients to bear such a burden for access to medicine is a civil rights violation, the letter argues.

Dr. Shore urges community members to call city council members and voice their opposition to the ban.

Phone numbers and email addresses of the council members are included so the community can voice their opinion.

“Call over and over. Email over and over,” the letter urges.

With more studies proving the benefits of medicinal marijuana over traditional medicine, and the recent end of the federal ban against medicinal marijuana, it is amazing that local governments are so strongly opposed.

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