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A Strain For Each Presidential Candidate

Presidential Candidates Still Silent on Medical Marijuana


A Strain For Each Presidential Candidate

The four top presidential candidates have very distinct personalities, each with their unique flavor. During the primary season, why not show your devotion to a presidential candidate by smoking a strain that represents them. Whether it be the Bernie strain or dare we say it, the Donald strain, get into the voting mood with these four distinct strains.

Donald Trump – Abusive OG

For all of those Donald fans out there, here is a strain that represents your candidate entirely. The name of this strain is the perfect definition of this indica dominant strain that will knock you out. The mental effects of Abusive OG are almost immediate, and will give the smoker a buzzed clear headed feeling.

However, the high lasts for a very short time, and like Donald Trump will “shock” you, and then bore you enough to sleep.

Hillary Clinton – Catfish

For all of the Hillary fans, this aptly named strain is the official candidate strain for you. She may have some secrets; she may have some emails, but we know that Hillary puts in a worthy effort. Catfish is a sativa dominant strain that gives the smoker an energetic high without the anxiety or paranoia that can come from some sativas.

The medicinal uses for this strain are for stress and to deplete the feeling of onset nausea. Like Hillary, this strain will give you an uplifted feeling, that everything is right with the world. Catfish also depletes the anger from cramps, which is also a lady problem that Hillary Clinton definitely can understand.

Ted Cruz – Blockhead

Sorry, Cruz fans, but this strain is for you. Blockhead is an indica dominated hybrid; that is one of the strongest strains out there. The beautiful purple color of Blockhead should not fool you into thinking this is just a tender plant, but like Ted Cruz, the effects of this strain should not be underestimated.

Blockhead’s medicinal help with insomnia is common because of its intense relaxing effects. This strain might have you knocked out and asleep before you can even know what hit you.

Bernie Sanders – Sunshine 

For all the sunny and happy Bernie fans out there, this strain is the match for you. Sunshine is an excellent sativa dominant cannabis strain that promotes happy feelings of euphoria even on your worst days. This strain has a relatively high THC content to battle against bouts of depression or anxiety.

The aroma of this strain is really what gives it a happy and uplifting nature. Sunshine has sweet and fruity tastes that are accompanied by the tropical aroma. Burn with this strain and you will be feelin’ the Bern!

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