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In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promised Bankers To Stand Against Pot Legalization

In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promised Bankers To Stand Against Pot Legalization


In Leaked Speech, Clinton Promised Bankers To Stand Against Pot Legalization

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton expressed her strong opposition to marijuana legalization during a leaked speech in front of Wall Street bankers and Big Pharma.

All of America has its attention fixed on the latest revelations about Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails. But much of the attention is focused on her use of a personal private email server to send classified materials. On the other hand, few are pointing out what Clinton has had to say about marijuana legalization.

The Wikileaks releases contain many of Hillary’s private emails and those of her campaign chair John Podesta. Those messages have given American citizens unprecedented looks into the gritty back-door dealings of the country’s most powerful political operatives. And the latest batch of email releases by Wikileaks has revealed some surprising information about Secretary Clinton’s stance on cannabis legalization.

Hillary Clinton Vowed To Oppose Legal Pot “In All Senses of the Word”

For months, Hillary Clinton has refused to make public the transcripts from her highly paid speeches to major Wall St. banks like Goldman Sachs. But in recent weeks, Wikileaks has begun making those transcripts available.

So far, Clinton has received serious criticism for her statement that politicians like her need to have “both a public and a private” position on key issues. As the Democratic Party candidate, she has refused to openly support legalizing cannabis. Instead, she has mostly opted for a “wait and see” approach, saying she would take a look at results in States that have legalized cannabis before she makes up her own mind.

But newly released emails reveal a strikingly different “private” position on making cannabis legal. In an onstage Q & A session from 2014, Clinton talked with Xerox CEO Ursula Burns. In that conversation, Hillary used “Wall Street terminology” to express her strong opposition to legal pot. Some suggest this is precisely because of the close ties between Wall St. bankers and Big Pharma. Those companies consider legal marijuana a major threat to their profits.

Burns asked Clinton to respond with “long” or “short” to a series of questions. In this case, “long” means support and “short” means oppose. So when Burns asked, “legalization of pot?” Hillary responded, according to the transcripts, “Short in all senses of the word.”

In other words, in private conversations with major backers, Clinton has taken a strong stance against marijuana legalization.

Unlike Sanders, Clinton’s Real Stance on Legal Cannabis Is Uncertain

In the United States, the majority of voting citizens support reforming cannabis laws that criminalize possession and use. They see the War on Drugs as ultimately a War on Weed. Hillary Clinton’s private stance on cannabis legalization is sharply at odds not just with a majority of Americans but with the vast majority of people in her own Party.

Now, Clinton’s campaign staffers are scrambling to scrub the most revealing parts of her paid speeches to private banks on the topic of cannabis policy. They understand how out of touch Hillary is on this issue. Bernie Sanders, however, Clinton’s rival in the Presidential Primary race for the Democratic nomination, has a clear stance on legalizing marijuana.

Sanders wants to introduce legislation to end federal marijuana prohibition. However, Hillary has made some strides toward a more progressive pot policy. She has called for rescheduling the drug, which the DEA refused to do in September of this year. And she has indicated support for letting U.S. states adopt their own policies and regulations for cannabis.

Now, however, the question remains as to whether Hillary Clinton will “evolve” on this issue, now that her oppositional stance has been brought to light.

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