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Popular Colorado Dispensary Recalls Over 2,000 Vials of Cannabis Oil Due to Pesticides


Popular Colorado Dispensary Recalls Over 2,000 Vials of Cannabis Oil Due to Pesticides

A popular Colorado dispensary recalls over 2,000 vials of cannabis oil due to the presence of potentially dangerous pesticides.

The recall is another in a long line in Colorado’s short history of legal weed.

Caregivers for Life made the decision to recall the product after test results determined the presence of pesticides.

In a statement, a representative from the dispensary had this to say:

“Caregivers for Life relied on many providers who were all contractually obligated to follow the laws and regulations related to pesticides and to deliver the highest quality cannabis possible. Unfortunately, some of these suppliers let us down and provided us trim that were not up to current standards.”

In an industry that developed underground, long held practices were rarely questioned as there was no accountability.

Now that weed is becoming legalized throughout the US, guidelines can be established to prevent the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides in marijuana cultivation.

Testing facilities have played a crucial part in keeping toxic chemicals out of commercially sold cannabis.

Most states with legalized medicinal or recreational weed have regulations about which pesticides are acceptable for cannabis production.

At the beginning of this year, Oregon released a list of acceptable pesticides for marijuana cultivation.  But the list was amended within a week after a testing facility discovered toxic ingredients in a popular pesticide spray marketed as organic.

This discovery led growers across the country to destroy crops as well as dispensaries to pull the product off of their shelves.

For patients using cannabis medicinally, the residual presence of chemical pesticides can make patients more sick.  Even for cannabis enthusiasts who are healthy, chemicals from pesticides can accumulate in the bloodstream and cause all sorts of medical issues.

While no one likes seeing good cannabis being destroyed before it can be enjoyed, that fact that so many people are working to allow access to clean, safe cannabis is heartening.

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