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Pot Sales Spike After Denver’s Super Bowl Victory

Pot Sales Spike After Denver's Super Bowl Victory - GREEN RUSH DAILY


Pot Sales Spike After Denver’s Super Bowl Victory

When the championship football team belongs to a city where recreational and medical marijuana is completely legal, it’s only common sense that weed sales would spike in response to a victory.

Folks who watch the Super Bowl typically find no shortage of deals on snacks, beer, and pizza. But don’t expect to find any super deals at your local cannabis dispensary.

“We’ve just been running out of product so quickly,” says Jess Vanderpool, a store manager at the Denver Kush Club. “We can’t really justify any deals right now.”

Football is good for lots of businesses: TV networks, hotels around the stadium, pizzerias, supermarkets, makers of chicken wings and dips.

Add marijuana to the mix, too. Marijuana sales were boosted not just due to partying Denver fans living in Colorado. Cannabis sales spiked at medical dispensaries around the Bay Area, in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

“Liquor stores see a spike,” says Vanderpool. “Why should this be any different?”

Over the past few weeks, marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have seen an uptick in the days and hours before the Broncos playoffs games. Fans are stocking up.

Now that Denver has won the Super Bowl, Colorado shops are still seeing their sales spike. “We were anticipating a really, really busy Saturday,” says David, the store manager for Mile High Medical/Recreational Cannabis, located across the street from Sports Authority Field, home of the Broncos. “But the sales have kept coming in response to the Super Bowl victory.

These proprietors say that weed, like a bowl of chips, meshes with watching sports. “It’s a Sunday, you’re hanging out in the house relaxing,” says David. “Instead of relaxing with a Bud, you’re relaxing with a joint. Or a bud.”

For the Super Bowl, sales were up especially for sativa strains, which raise energy levels. Indica strains, conversely, were less popular due to their more mellowing effects.

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