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Rich The Kid Is Offering 5k Cash For Two Professional Blunt Rollers

Rich The Kid Is Offering 5k Cash For Two Professional Blunt Rollers


Rich The Kid Is Offering 5k Cash For Two Professional Blunt Rollers


Rich The Kid Is Offering 5k Cash For Two Professional Blunt Rollers

Rich The Kid is looking to hire two individuals with a very particular set of skills.

Remember when Waka Flocka Flame offered a $50,000 a year salary for a personal blunt roller? It turns out he isn’t the only hip-hop sensation tired of rolling his own. Now, Rich The Kid is offering 5k cash for two professional blunt rollers, according to recent Instagram posts.

Rich The Kid is a rapper known for the hit single “Plug Walk” and the owner of a record label called Rich Forever Music. His quest for the best blunt rollers started on Wednesday when he made a couple of posts expressing his need for help. In his first post, he posed with Boris, his new driver that “got hired right out the dealership,” the caption read. He ended the post by saying “all I need is a personal blunt roller tho.”

Two hours later, he posted a video on Instagram telling his followers to make it two. The rapper could be seen sitting with two giant bags of weed filled with two different strains and a pack of rare backwoods to his left.

Job Qualifications

Before you forward your resume, you’ll want to make sure you’re qualified. Knowing how to roll a blunt won’t land you the racks Rich The Kid is offering.

First, you need to know how to roll a Backwoods blunt which is an art of its own. Rich The Kid prefers to smoke fatwoods. So on top of knowing how to roll one, you’ll need to have girth mastered. Last but not least, he needs it to be done fast.

The second Instagram post starts off with him saying, “I’m looking for two professional blunt rollers. You gotta be able to roll blunts in two minutes, and have Backwoods look like this, back to back” he added while presenting a fat, lit Backwoods blunt.

As for their pay, Rich The Kid says, “I’m paying cash money, I’m saying racks if you can roll these blunts.”

In the caption, he gets a little more specific saying $5,000 cash but offered no further details. We’re not sure if that is for a week or a month worth of blunt rolling. Are they splitting it or do they each get 5 racks?

Despite the lack of details, his comment section became flooded with people expressing their interest in the position. One user even shared his qualifications writing, “I can roll a quarter of weed in a wood in 40 seconds and I’m a physics major with a 4.0.”

Rich The Kid Net Worth

In his time as a rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer, Rich The Kid has accumulated a net worth of about $2 million.

If Rich The Kid needs two experts that can twist his backwoods in two minutes time, he’s got iron lungs and pockets. That’s a fat blunt, ready to smoke every minute. It would be near impossible to even finish one of those blunts in a minute. Unless he’s joking, it sounds like he is willing to dedicate a good amount of his net worth towards speeding up his smoking process.

Hopefully, his spending habits don’t lead to regret. Famous Dex, who is signed to Rich The Kid’s record label, Rich Forever Music, recently opened up about his weed habit costing him $10k a month and it not being worth it. By the sounds of it, Rich might be spending that much just to employ his professional blunt rollers. Who knows how much he spends on actual weed and Backwoods per month.

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