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Photo Of Woman Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding Goes Viral, Draws Controversy

Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding


Photo Of Woman Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding Goes Viral, Draws Controversy

A mother recently posted a photo of herself smoking weed while breastfeeding. It drew tons of comments and quickly went viral.

A woman recently posted a photo of herself ripping a bong while breastfeeding her baby. Shortly after being published, the photo started going viral. People began posting comments both criticizing and supporting the mother for smoking weed while breastfeeding.

Photo Of Mom Smoking Weed Goes Viral

Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding

In the photo, a woman is seen breastfeeding her baby. Another woman is sitting next to her, lighting a bong so the mother can take a rip.

The image was posted to a Facebook group called CannaParentingSupport with the caption: “Need a safe place to share this beautiful picture—feeling blessed…”

Despite being posted to a group presumably about cannabis and parenting, the woman’s photo immediately drew backlash. People criticized the woman for smoking weed while breastfeeding, and for being so close to the baby while smoking. Some of the more critical comments said things like:

Never mind second hand smoke inhalation…f*ckin idiots.

I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure a newborn child breathing anything beside air is probably bad.

But the photo didn’t only draw criticism. Some commenters voiced support:

Haha I do this ALL the time”

LOVE IT!! My boyfriend would do this for me when I breastfed and of course you have to do the lean over so you don’t bump their head or light their little hairs on fire

According to sources, both women in the photo have now closed their Facebook accounts.

Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding

What Does Science Say About It?

As one parenting site pointed out, social media platforms like Facebook have unfortunately become “a place for mommy-shaming and intense criticism.” And it appears this is largely what’s happened to the women in this photo. For the most part, comments were based on personal opinions and beliefs, rather than any sort of evidence.

But what does science have to say about cannabis and breastfeeding? For starters, THC will makes its way into breastmilk. That’s because it is fat soluble and will readily bind to the fats in breastmilk.

According to one study, babies who drink breastmilk with THC in it showed reduced movement and coordination. Similarly, some were lethargic and needed less frequent feedings.

But on the other hand, another study found no significant differences between babies exposed to cannabis during breastfeeding and babies that were not. More specifically, this study looked at things like weaning and mental and physical development.

While the effects of breastmilk and THC seem unclear, the research on secondhand smoke is much more clear. Inhaling smoke of any kind—whether you’re the one smoking or you’re getting it secondhand—is not healthy.

Final Hit: Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding

It appears that there is no clear answer about how consuming cannabis while breastfeeding will affect a baby. But because so many negative stereotypes about weed and the people who consume it still exist, it’s not surprising to see the kinds of reactions these women got after posting the photo.

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