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THC-Infused Popsicles Are Here Just In Time For Summer

THC-Infused Popsicles Are Here Just In Time For Summer
Photo Courtesy of The Green Solution


THC-Infused Popsicles Are Here Just In Time For Summer

The ‘coolest’ way to get high.

Colorado’s recreational marijuana business is booming, so it’s no surprise to see an influx of specialty pot products hitting the shelves. Especially, ahead of a big name holiday like the fourth of July. The Green Solution, one of Colorado’s renowned chain of marijuana dispensaries, has announced a pretty sweet deal ahead of Independence Day. And by sweet, we mean, well, literally sweet. Like THC-infused popsicles sweet.

THC-Infused Popsicles By The Green Solution

The Green Solution will be selling two flavors of THC-infused popsicles—Cherry and Grape, just in time for your Fourth of July barbeque. The dispensary will be carrying the pops throughout their 15 Colorado locations, and will run a special sale—the frozen treats will be sold for just a penny on July 4th only, after the purchase of any other product from the company. The pops will be sold through its in-house extraction line, NectarBee.

If you don’t have time on the holiday—don’t worry. The regular ticket item of the 10-milligram  popsicles is only $2.45.

Here’s what the Green Solution had to say about their cherry flavor popsicles:

“A great choice if you need to stabilize your mood, reduce stress or alleviate pain. We always strive to create the best tasting products with the most accurate dosage, and our Cherry Icicles are no exception. Juicy berry and cherry flavor, followed by a relaxing high. Recommended for anyone who desires the potent effects of an Indica, but does not feel the urge to smoke. Our infused Icicles are available in 10mg doses. Icicles are Vegan!”

As for the grape popsicles, the description is much of the same. Like the cherry flavor, the grape popsicles are also Indica. Both flavors promise a relaxing, stress-free high. So if you’re looking for an uplifting, energetic high to keep you going all day, it might be in your best interest to save your weed-infused dessert for the evening.

THC-Infused Popsicles Are Here Just In Time For Summer

Either way, if you’re looking to forgo the classic Budweiser on Fourth of July for some “greener” alternatives, these pops by the Green Solution could just be the perfect dessert. Don’t forget to pair them with our recipe for weed-infused burgers, weed-infused ribs, and weed-infused wings for the ultimate stoner’s Fourth of July. Be sure to keep the infused popsicles away from children!  So if you thought 4/20 was the only holiday to celebrate with a bunch of ganja—think again. Nothing says ‘America’ better than legal weed.

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