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Donald Trump and His Advisers Discuss Replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump and his advisers discuss replacing attorney general Jeff Sessions


Donald Trump and His Advisers Discuss Replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Will the push to legalize cannabis be affected by Trump’s possible replacement of Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

Donald Trump and his advisers are thinking of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but the FBI’s investigation of POTUS’ alleged collusion with Russia aside, what does that mean for the future of cannabis legalization?

As we reported this morning, Sessions, along with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), is listed as a defendant in a lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of cannabis activists in an attempt to rule the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug unconstitutional. If Sessions steps down, this will inherently affect the lawsuit, as well as the push to federally legalize and decriminalize cannabis in the long-run. Ultimately, even though Trump’s dissatisfaction with Sessions has little to do with any weed-related controversy, the feud between Sessions and POTUS has some bearing on it after all. So what’s the story behind the backlash?

The Basics Behind the Sessions Controversy

Donald Trump and his advisers discuss replacing attorney general Jeff Sessions

According to CNN (which deemed Trump’s de facto bullying of Sessions “embarrassing”), the root of the matter can be traced back to March, when he recused himself from the FBI’s probe into POTUS’ possible collusion with Russia.

In a sadly predictable turn of events (and what can only be described as gaslighting), Trump attempted to throw Sessions under the bus by criticizing his inability to investigate former opponent Hillary Clinton for…something. As he tweeted earlier this week:

He followed up with additional commentary early this morning:

Of course, the fact that Sessions’ recusal happened this past March is telling when it comes to the bigger picture. As many have deduced, the whole shebang could be an attempt to fire Special Counsel and Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, thus putting an end to the inquiry in full. (The fact that Trump has the power to fire the attorney general without the aid of the judicial or legislative bodies further supports this idea. On the flip side, firing Mueller could also lead to an eventual impeachment for Trump. Starting to see POTUS’ motivation?)

Despite Trump’s internet goading and reported whispers in the White House, Session purportedly has no design to vacate his post.

“I do my best every day to fulfill the goals the president and I share,” Sessions previously said to the press.

Final Hit: Will the Trump Administration Be Replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

As to whether Trump will be replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions? That has yet to be determined, according to Washington insiders.

“Sessions is totally pissed off about it,” an anonymous source and “Sessions ally” told The Daily Beast. “It’s beyond insane. It’s cruel and it’s insane and it’s stupid.”

Others, such as Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas), more or less swept the idea of a replacement under the rug. Maybe it just boils down to Cornyn’s thoughts on the matter.

“They’re both adults, and they can work it out,” he said.

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