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Cannabis Culture Dispensary Raided By Toronto Police

Cannabis Culture Dispensary Raided By Toronto Police


Cannabis Culture Dispensary Raided By Toronto Police

Cannabis Culture Dispensary Raided

Toronto police are continuing to raid marijuana dispensaries today, as they cracked down on a couple of well known shops. According to reports coming out of the city, two dispensaries have been raided today. The first was Canna Clinic, located in Kensington Market. And the second was the Queen Street location of Cannabis Culture.

The actions taken against Cannabis Culture, in particular, have started attracting a lot of attention throughout the Canadian cannabis community. That’s because, along with raiding the shop, police reportedly arrested dispensary employees.

On top of that, Cannabis Culture is owned by an outspoken cannabis advocate named Jodie Emery. Along with her husband, Marc Emery, she owns some Cannabis Culture dispensaries throughout Canada. The couple also runs a cannabis social club and a popular marijuana magazine.

Cannabis Culture Dispensary Raided By Toronto Police

Project Claudia

Today’s raids are being interpreted by many as a continuation of what has been dubbed “Project Claudia.”

Project Claudia is a series of raids instigated by Toronto police. It’s part of a large-scale effort to crack down on the city’s cannabis dispensaries. Most of the activity took place last month.

By the end of May police had raided at least 43 separate dispensaries. And in light of today’s raids, that number looks like it could continue to rise.

Project Claudia has also shed light on some of the tensions currently surrounding cannabis in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly promised to legalize cannabis. He made it a big point of his platform during his campaign.

And in April Canada’s Health Minister Jane Philpott said that a piece of legislation that would officially legalize cannabis would be put forward by spring 2017. But so far no actions have been taken.

In the meantime, however, numerous dispensaries have been cropping up throughout Canada—especially in Toronto. But apparently, many people aren’t happy about these prematurely opening dispensaries.

“I don’t have any issue with the decriminalization of marijuana, none whatsoever,” Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters at the height of Project Claudia.

“I support it. It is the right thing to do. But the law is not going to be changed for a year or so.

“And in the meantime, I’m just saying we can’t afford to have the Wild West.”

Although full details about today’s raids are still coming in, the actions taken against Canna Clinic and Cannabis Culture could indicate that Project Claudia is not yet over.

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