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This Cannabis Activist Is Giving Away One Million Cannabis Seeds

This Cannabis Activist Is Giving Away One Million Cannabis Seeds


This Cannabis Activist Is Giving Away One Million Cannabis Seeds

If ever there was anyone who has earned the title Johnny Cannabis-seed — it’s Dana Larsen. To advocate for cannabis legalization across Canada this season, Larsen is giving away one million cannabis seeds in Calgary as part of his OverGrow Canada tour.

With a poetic touch, described how he wants to see cannabis growing openly from coast to coast. “In front yards and balconies, windowsills and gardens. I also want to see cannabis growing in parks and trails, in traffic circles and public planters,” he said in a statement.

As part of his OverGrow Canada tour, the marijuana legalization advocate will be giving away one million cannabis seeds as a form of “civil disobedience to make cannabis growing normal.”

All in all he promises he will be giving away one million cannabis seeds, entirely free of charge.

People who support Larsen’s cause can get their seeds in person or by sending a mail order.

But what Larsen is doing is illegal, and he knows it. That’s why he’s speaking out against the criminalization of cannabis in Canada.

Larsen argues that there are a lot of things about cannabis that are illegal in Canada, but police choose to ignore them because penalties are minor and the effort to make an arrest is significant.

Calgary law enforcement considers the seeds to be “drug paraphernalia,” just like a pipe or grinder, and will seize all of them in the event of a drug bust.

It’s safe to say, however, that Larsen doesn’t care much about the risk of arrest.

Back in in January, he mailed actual bags of cannabis to members of Parliament to remind them of their campaign promises to legalize marijuana.

Larsen, a founding member of the Marijuana Party who went on to run for federal office mailed all 184 federal Liberal MPs a gram of cannabis buds.

He also sent along a copy of his new book Cannabis in Canada – The Illustrated History.

He said his goal was to “re-familiarize themselves with the pleasant effects” of the substance.

Giving away one million cannabis seeds is not as easy as it sounds…

The massive seed giveaway has had a hard time securing a venue. So far, every venue they’ve approached has backed away from hosting the protest. At the moment, it’s scheduled for the Days Inn on Macleod Trail South.

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