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New Report: Scientists Have Crossbred Cannabis and Kale

New Report: Scientists Have Crossbred Cannabis and Kale


New Report: Scientists Have Crossbred Cannabis and Kale

According to breaking reports, a group of crafty genetic engineers has successfully crossbred cannabis and kale. They’re calling their new creation kaleabis.

The genius ganja gene gurus are apparently part of a group called Williamsburg Wonders. The collective of free-thinking scientists is based in the always hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg.

“This hybrid is really mind-blowing. It’s the first cross of its kind and it could change our approach to cannabis,” said cannabis cultivation expert Danny Danko. “It could change the way we view plant breeding period.”

According to initial reports, the genetic experiment was spearheaded by two brothers named Mark and Todd Takota. They are also the founders of Williamsburg Wonders.

After running a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, the brothers took their operation to California. There, it was easier to access a wide range of cannabis strains.

Their first efforts at cross breeding cannabis and the healthy leafy green were unsuccessful. At one point they even thought about scrapping kale altogether and trying something else like broccoli instead.

But, after a big breakthrough, they discovered that kale could integrate much smoother with indica dominant strains. That’s when they began focusing on breeding kale with the well known strain Hash Plant.

It wasn’t long after that until they achieved their goal.

And now, the brothers say they’ve been able to use kaleabis to create a whole new line of super healthy power drinks.

Many in the cannabis community have long been intrigued by the idea of juicing raw cannabis. Proponents of this method say it gives them an incredibly nutritious dietary supplement that can help prevent a number of illnesses.

The Takota brothers hope to cash in on the health properties of cannabis juice by adding to it the extra benefits of kale. By juicing kaleabis, they claim, people can get the best of both worlds.

Now that they’ve successfully engineered their revolutionary new plant, the brothers have set their sights on their next goal.

They plan to begin commercially manufacturing kaleabis juice under the Williamsburg Wonders brand name. Their hope is to be the first cannabis product sold at Whole Foods.

Sources that originally broke this story were also able to get exclusive leaked video footage of the new kaleabis plant. Click here to check it out.

(Photo Credit: Twicebakedinwashington)

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