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Man That Forced Kitten to Inhale Marijuana Smoke Under Investigation

Man That Forced Kitten to Inhale Marijuana Smoke Under Investigation
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Man That Forced Kitten to Inhale Marijuana Smoke Under Investigation

Weed can benefit your pets, but not if you’re blowing massive plumes of bong smoke into their faces. That’s not cool.

New Zealanders are feeling outraged and disgusted by a video showing a man forcing a small kitten to inhale marijuana smoke. The video went viral shortly after being uploaded to Facebook and ultimately ended up in the hands of the Facebook group Paw Justice, the police, and New Zealand’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Now, the individuals in the video are under investigation for cruelty to animals. However none of the people involved are currently facing charges.

Dude Blows Huge Plume in a Tiny Kitten’s Face—Twice

Low-resolution cellphone video captured an astonishing display of kitten cruelty in New Zealand last Friday. The video begins with a guy explaining to the woman behind the camera that the kitten he has is “new” and that he only “found him that day.” The tiny stray kitten can be seen in the background, being held by another person sitting on a couch. The guy proceeds to load up a green bottle bong with herb—impossible to tell if it’s any good. “I’d put it at about five to six weeks old,” the man says.

But this will be the kitten’s second time getting stoned, he explains before taking a rip. Behind him, the second person holds the tiny kitten up, on its back, like some kind of sacrificial offering. Our dude is a big guy. And he takes a massive rip. Holds it. Then turns to the tiny grey and white ball of whiskers and fluff. Will he just blow the smoke in the kitten’s face? Blow it over and around it?

Worse. The dude actually cups his hands around the tiny kitten’s entire face, creating a miniature, fleshy hotbox. Then, he exhales. A thick, billowing plume engulfs the entire kitten; just imagine what it’s like around its face. The kitten waves its tiny paws in feeble protest, then seems to almost go limp in the second person’s hand. Everyone starts giggling. “Cruel, but not wrong,” the guy says.

Can Cats Get High?

Cruel, but not wrong… That’s quite the leap of logic. But the guy in the video seems to think this is a necessary step of initiation for any feline under his care. “All the other cats are used to it,” he says. There’s so much smoke in the room, the second person starts coughing even without taking a hit. When the fit subsides, she puts her face right up to the kitten’s: “you alright,” she asks?

The whole scene takes less than a minute. But to watch it, it feels like an eternity. And it’s very easy to get outraged and upset about it. A helpless kitten being fumigated by some cutoff tee-wearing bloke while those around him laugh. No one in the video has been reached for comment. But the SPCA and local police are currently investigating the incident. SPCA New Plymouth spokeswoman Jackie Poles Smith told reporters that the SPCA was taking the situation extremely seriously.

In New Zealand, it is a crime to knowingly and willfully mistreat an animal. Blowing a huge plume of cannabis smoke into the face of a 40 day old kitten is clearly mistreatment. But what about giving cannabis to your cat in other forms, like oils or edibles.

Growing Market for Cannabis Pet Products Doesn’t Mean You Should Blow Smoke in a Pet’s Face

Those living in legal-weed states have no doubt noticed dispensaries carrying products designed for pets. Even regular pet-stores carry hemp-derived CBD treats and other products for our furry friends. And that’s because cannabinoids can be effective supplemental treatments for pets dealing with a range of ailments, from cancer to pain, inflammation, arthritis and even behavior issues.

THC, by contrast, can induce dangerous intoxication in pets like dogs and cats. Symptoms of THC toxicity in cats, for example, include vomiting, seizures and coma, slow heart rate and loss of motor coordination. Most human-sized doses of THC are way to much for animals, and can produce these dangerous side-effects. Veterinarians, however, know what doses, and specialized products, can safely benefit an animal’s health and wellness. With hemp legal everywhere in the U.S., anyone can talk to their vet about adding CBD supplements to their pet’s diet.

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