10 Best Weed Grinders On The Market

Looking for the best weed grinder on the market? You've come to the right place!

Let’s be honest: the grinder doesn’t get enough love. Sure, grinders are named after their fundamental purpose—to grind your cannabis into a premium shred—but the innovations in this particular industry have this particular paraphernalia doing so much more than that. So which is the best weed grinder out there? Let’s shine a light on some of the most awesome models currently available, and possibly help you, dear reader, find the perfect new item for your collection. Here is a list of the best weed grinders on the market right now. Let’s get ready to grind!

10. Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder

Our entry for slot number ten on our list to find the best weed grinder on the market shows that even the least of our top ten is still an incredible choice.

The Price: $9.99

The Good: One of the highest-rated grinders on Amazon, the Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder is made out of zinc alloy, markets a Poly-O ring for a smooth grind with less friction, and comes with a lifetime warranty. And if you’re into rose gold, consider this the best weed grinder, period.

The Bad: Some reviewers have purported the lid falls off somewhat easily and isn’t entirely smell-proof.

9. Zip Grinders

The Zip Grinders line can only be qualified with one word: gargantuan.

The Price: $17.99

The Good:

At nearly twice the size as your average grinder, its storage capacity is almost unparalleled: consumers can store up to a whopping six tablespoons of weed. The see-through acrylic body lets you keep tabs on your stash without even having to open it, and on top of that, it comes with its own kief catcher.

The Bad:

Even though its transparent body is a plus when it comes to checking in on how much bud you have, it also makes it a lot more fragile than your typical metal grinder. Similarly, although its taller size means you can take more flower with you on-the-go, it’s also less easy to conceal.

8. EZEE Four Piece Heavy Anodized Aluminum Grinder

A solid addition to anyone’s collection, this weed grinder is as compact as they come.

The Price: $13.99

The Good: With 50 diamond-shaped sharp teeth, scratch-resistant metal, and a magnetic lid, this baby was built for efficiency. The Four Piece Heavy Anodized Aluminum Grinder also comes with a base tray for kief collection.

The Bad: With extra sticky stuff, it can be pretty difficult to clean out.

7. The QB-GON Grinder

Is it a grinder? Is it a weird version of Jenga? It’s actually both…sort of.

The Price: N/A

The Good: The QB-Gon is one of the most unique grinders on the market, mostly for its stackable wood design. Each wooden block contains its own asymmetrical blade, and when fully assembled, the QB-GON creates a series of chambers that execute the perfect chop. The finer you want your flower, the more stacks you add. This is a top-ranking model on any list of today’s best weed grinders.

The Bad: The QB-GON is only available online, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming to stores anytime soon. While it doesn’t have a price listed on the site, you can queue up to pre-order here.

6. Kannastor GR8TR Grinder

With vaping on the rise, there’s now a whole new frontier to discover for cannabis paraphernalia. And for grinding, the Kannastor GR8TR is at the forefront.

The Price: $77.00

The Good: Billed as the world’s only customizable weed grinder, the Kannastor comes with three interchangeable anodized aluminum grinder plates, so you can shred according to whether you feel like vaping, smoking a pipe, or rolling your own. Yes, diversity is the spice of life—especially when it comes to the best grinders on this list.

The Bad: This grinder technically comes in eight pieces. Something this complex might be a great choice for seasoned consumers, but a bit too much for newbies.

5. Phoenician Grinder

It turns out that the word “luxury” is spelled P-H-O-E-N-I-C-I-A-N.

The Price: $70.00

The Good: Phoenician Grinders are the Cristal champagne of paraphernalia. Made out of aerospace aluminum with exterior load gripping, their models are certifiably medical grade. No, seriously, they are: designed with patients who need medicinal cannabis to get through their day-to-day, this company’s line of grinders is also the last to sacrifice substance for style. When it comes down to it, these grinders are both efficient and gorgeous.

The Bad: That we all can’t buy the 24-carat gold Phoenician Elite Grinder, which is currently priced at $1,500.

4. Compton Grinders

Go ahead and say it…this weed grinder is straight out of Compton.

The Price:


The Good:

Lovingly named after the N.W.A. hit “Straight Outta Compton,” the Compton Grinder line is the epitome of a quality product. According to the company, the lid is imbued with a rare earth Neodymium magnet, making it one of the strongest magnetized tops out there. It also comes with a built-in loading zone perfect for measuring. We suggest one of their small two-piecers as a nice model to start your Compton collection—it’s also the most affordable version.

The Bad:

They’re a bit too good; sometimes these models sell out fast, making them harder to acquire.

3. Santa Cruz Shredder

With an array of colors to choose from, the Santa Cruz Shredder is a grinder made to grab your attention.

The Price: $70.00

The Good: The color variety of this weed grinder isn’t the only thing that will make you pay attention to this piece: its seven catch thread design keeps cross-threading from becoming a problem, and comes out with a consistent shred every time, no matter how moist or dry your flower is. This pick for best weed grinder is certifiably a classic choice.

The Bad: While the colors the Santa Cruz Shredder comes in might make this grinder eye-catching, it’s $70.00 markup value will definitely lighten the load in your wallet. And while the magnetized top is marketed as great for storage purposes, there’s also the possibility that it can lose its grip the more it’s used and the older it gets.

2. The Cali Crusher

Made out of hard-as-nails, aircraft-grade billet aluminum, Cali Crusher models range from pocket-size to two-piece, and hold as much weed as the state they’re named after.

The Price: $84.00

The Good: Usually billed as the perfect size and weight, Cali Crushers are constructed for easy weed access (the top pops off easily), but with enough grip to keep your weed inside if your priority is portability. It’ll keep your kief and conceal any odor—and they’re gorgeous to boot. We suggest their featured Homegrown model, which starts at $62.95.

The Bad: Like Compton grinders, these beauts tend to sell out fast, so get them while they’re hot.

1. The Space Case

As its name suggests, the Space Case grinder is built to withstand the toughest blows in any galaxy far, far away.

The Price: $73.00

The Good: Made of titanium, this piece is the epitome of durability—and with diamond-shaped teeth, it creates a quality mince like no other. The fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty isn’t too shabby, either. Definitely “best grinders list” material.

The Bad: At $73.00 retail, the Space Case is pricier than most comparable models. Sure, it’s a bang for your buck…depending on how many bucks you actually have to spend.

Final Hit: The Best Weed Grinders on the Market

Now that you have this list, time for you to find the best weed grinder out there for you! Any of the options on this list will serve you well. But, as with everything else, it’s all about you and your specific needs. To determine which one is the best weed grinder for you, think about what you’re looking for in a grinder. Whatever your preferences, this list is the perfect starting place.

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