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Kannastör GR8TR V2 Product Review

Kannastör® GR8TR® V2 Jar Body


Kannastör GR8TR V2 Product Review


Kannastör GR8TR V2 Product Review

The Kannastör GR8TR V2 is one of the most customizable grinders on the market.

The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body w/ Stainless Easy Change Screen is the second version of Ryot’s GR8TR series. This V2 model is meant for the connoisseur-end of the cannabis consumer’s market. For those who would like more control on how fine their grind is, and have a 2-in-1 storage container and grinder.

Chamber Size

We love that we are able to remove some of the attachments we do not need and use just use what’s needed. The Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body can be a jar, a grinder, or both depending on what you’re looking for. Having to carry one less item is always good in our book.

While there are grinders on the market that do work very well, some might be just too big to travel with. The Kannastör GR8TR V2 gives us the power of the bigger grinders, all in a much smaller, portable and durable package.

Replaceable Screens

1.5″, 2.0″, and 2.2″ interchangeable 60, and 100-micron mesh screens are available for purchase on the Kannastor website.
Design: The design of the body looks like they were going for a jar, hence the name “Jar Body” in the name of the product. It is a nice sized grinder that won’t fit in your pocket, but if you have a backpack or purse that you walk around with, this grinder will be perfect.

Removable Compartments

Extra set of grinding teeth, mesh screens, and storage compartment are all removable. This option is great especially if you don’t want to use all the features this grinder has to offer.


Most parts of the grinder are self-explanatory once you examine the grinder, and pamphlet they give you with the product. The pamphlet shows every part broken down and named by piece and the function of each.

We use grinders a lot, and really like how this grinder functions. Especially with the anti-friction and residual rings. We don’t have to worry about the grinder not working to its full potential, as long as we’re careful with how much we grind at a time. Less is more.


It does have several compartments and accessories which is pretty cool. The information it comes with says it has a modular top, bonus storage, anti-friction and residual rings, micro teeth, deep dish grinding chamber, easy change GR8TR plates, grounds storage chamber, jar body design, east change screen, and finally a polished base tray. It’s like the Swiss Army Knives of grinders.

Most of all, not only is it a grinder, but it has 2 separate storage compartments if you want to grind some up and store away for later. The stash compartments are big enough to stash some nugs not ground up yet, or even chunks of hash, if that’s how you roll. Most people would probably just grind up more than they need to with this Kannastör GR8TR V2 and put away the extra weed in the bonus storage.

You can even remove the screen from the kief catcher part of the grinder, and now you have much more to store your product! We love how we’re able to customize the Kannastör GR8TR to function how we need it to and change it back with ease.


It took about a week of grinding weed with hash, causing the teeth to get gunked up. if you were not adding hash, we’d say at least 2-3 weeks, maybe even a month or so before attempting to break the whole thing down and let it soak in 91-99% ISO alcohol.

How long does it take?

Once it is soaking and fully submerged for about 30 minutes to an hour, we would take it out, get a cotton swab and a rag, and wipe down all the nooks and crannies. It might take several cotton swabs and soaks, in addition, to fully remove all the resin build-up.


The Kannastör GR8TR V2 has a nice matte finish that we really like, but we feel if we drop it a few times, the nice matte finish will start to look pretty dull, scratched and banged up. It looks like a small camera lens, which we think is pretty cool too. It helps that it comes with a nice, soft carrying case for the grinder with a drawstring.

If the Kannastör GR8TR V2 was to fall while it was in the small carrying case, it wouldn’t take nearly as much damage compared to if it didn’t. However, the small, thin carrying case hardly offers any protection from hard falls.

We purposely dropped mine on a hard tile floor without the case twice from at least 5 feet high. Surprisingly, the Kannastör GR8TR V2 didn’t get a dent, scratch, or break. It still functions properly, and we were able to still twist and untwist all compartments. We’re happy to say we don’t see any dings, scratches, or cracks. it still works perfectly.

The Kannastör GR8TR V2 is made from 60/61 hardened anodized aluminum, and it is from food grade quality materials. The limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects is a big plus. If someone spent about $100.00 on a grinder, you’d probably make sure that it lasts as long as possible.


Does it come with a warranty or do you have to pay?

Fortunately, it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty against any manufacturers’ defects. If you drop and break it, the warranty won’t cover it.

How Does It Stack Up?

After going into the previous categories and comparing it to products already on the market, is this product was worth the price?

If we had to choose to spend almost $100.00 on a quality grinder, this would probably be the one we’re looking for to use for a long time. We feel it was worth the money that Ryot is charging. There are other quality grinders available on the market that are similar to this. We really enjoy all the customization we’re able to do with this grinder that other grinders do not offer.

Worth the Price?

$89.00 on the companies website. This grinder isn’t for the average cannabis consumer. Whoever owns something like this is in the connoisseur end of the market. In some places, the price of the grinder is equal to an ounce of mid-grade cannabis at a dispensary. If you’re looking for something that’ll last a lifetime rather than a plastic grinder, the Kannastor GR8TR V2 is worth looking into.

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