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GrindCase: A Dugout From The 21st Century

GrindCase: A Dugout From The 21st Century


GrindCase: A Dugout From The 21st Century

Looking for an easy way to smoke weed on the go? Look no further than the GrindCase.

This weed product isn’t your grandfather’s dugout. The GrindCase is an innovative twist on a classic piece of weed paraphernalia and is sure to make cannabis connoisseur’s lives that much easier. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at what this thing has to offer.

What is a GrindCase?

GrindCase: A Dugout From The 21st Century


Essentially, a GrindCase is just the combination of two staples of the weed smoking community: the grinder, and the dugout. However, the GrindCase is so much more than just the sum of both parts.

The GrindCase stands at 3.5″ and 1/2″ wide and is made out of medical grade anodized aluminum. That basically guarantees the souped-up dugout/grinder hybrid will stand strong for a super long time.

Rare earth magnets are built into the product. This ensures that the top and the lid of the grinder won’t fall off if you carry it in your pocket or a bag.

Basically, any part of the GrindCase you take off magnetically attaches to the base of the device, so you have to be pretty stoned to lose any of the pieces. This feature also makes it easy to take the GrindCase virtually anywhere for a quick smoke sesh.

The best part about this device is that after grinding up your bud, it deposits it directly into the reservoir of the dugout. The compartment is quite large and can hold up to 1/4 ounce of buds.

The reservoir itself empties out smoothly and quickly onto papers, or wraps, which makes it easy to roll a joint or blunt on the go.  Additionally, you can also store your rolling papers in the same compartment your weed is ground into.

If you’re not into rolling, that’s fine too. The case comes with a traditional one hitter piece in the small compartment next to the main reservoir.

Simply grind up your weed, take out the one hitter, and dig into your newly ground buds. The GrindCase one hitter holds a bit more than your typical one hitter so that you won’t find yourself constantly packing it, either.

Final Hit: GrindCase Is A Dugout From The 21st Century

Most of us weed smokers would agree that carrying the paraphernalia necessary for a smoke sesh can be a real burden sometimes. While the dugout itself helps a little bit, this tool is a total game-changer.

Instead of carrying a shoebox full of smoking equipment, all you need now is this quirky aluminum tool. It’s a must-have product if you like rolling up.

If not, you can get your hits in regardless. And at the very least, you have an easy way to grind and store your weed.

The GrindCase is currently being sold at $59.99. But for the ultimate smoking convenience, the price is well worth it.

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