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Grinder Card: Better For Cheese Or Weed?

Grinder Card: Better For Cheese Or Weed?


Grinder Card: Better For Cheese Or Weed?

Grinding weed on the go can be easier with the help of a grinder card.

Have you ever heard of a grinder card? It’s a flat card that can fit in your wallet with ease. But do they grind weed with ease? How does it stack up with a traditional grinder? We’ll go over the pros and cons of a grinder card to help you decide if you should get one.

Grinder Card Pros

Grinder Card: Better For Cheese Or Weed?

The most obvious benefit to using a grinder card is the portability. It will take up as much space as a credit card in your wallet. There’s really no topping that convenience and discretion. If you’re trying to keep things on the low while on the go then keep a grinder card in your wallet.

Another advantage of using a grinder card is the cleaning process. Some sticky kief crystals will stay on the card but you can just wipe it off with some isopropyl alcohol. Cleaning a grinder that has four pieces is much more of a process. Especially, if you’re trying to save kief while cleaning your grinder.

The final benefit to the grinder card is the fact that it is extremely affordable. Many cannabis businesses use them as steel business cards. So if you’re lucky someone will give you one for free. Even if you have to buy it the price should be under $10. The best grinder you can get for that price is a 2-piece plastic set.

Grinder Card Cons

Grinder Card: Better For Cheese Or Weed?

The biggest downside to using a grinder card is that it takes more effort and time than a traditional grinder. It functions just like a cheese grater. Rub a nug back and forth on it and ground up weed will fall out the other side. The only problem is weed nugs are smaller than the blocks of cheese you’re used to grating. Your hands will get very close to the sharp blades intended to cut your weed. Be careful not to lose a chunk of finger skin.

Unless you wear gloves while grinding your hands will get more sticky than usual. The whole time you’re grinding with a card your hand is holding a nug.

The final con is that there is no place for the weed to go once it is ground. You’ll have to be near a table or have a rolling tray with you. You can try to make the weed fall directly into the joint or bowl you’re rolling but some will miss the target so have something under it to catch weed flakes.

If you’re grinding for a vaporizer or vape pen you’ll want to have a grinder that can give you a super fine consistency. The consistency of a grinder card is perfect for rolling up or smoking a bowl.

Final Hit: Grinder Card

Grinder Card: Better For Cheese Or Weed?

So a grinder card is really nothing more than a very minimal portable grinder for weed. If you have an actual grinder this thing is just a portable cheese grater. You’ll be ready to shave yourself some fresh cheese when the munchies kick in. However, if you need something discreet for on the go grinding a steel card is a good way to go about it.

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