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How to Clean any Cannabis Vaporizer in Three Easy Steps

How to Clean a Cannabis Vaporizer


How to Clean any Cannabis Vaporizer in Three Easy Steps

Get performance and flavor back to how they were on day one.

Vaporizers for pre-filled cartridges rarely need to be cleaned. However, after a few uses without cleaning, you may notice a drop in the overall performance with dry herb and loose concentrate vaporizers. Hits will be harsh and lacking in flavor, even on a fresh pack. This is because of the already vaporized remains from your previous sessions being burned over and over again. This is why it is important to know how to clean a cannabis vaporizer.

There are quick cleaning methods you can use after each session. If that’s not too much for you to handle, this will allow you to take much longer before needing a deep cleaning. The first step is only for dry herb portable and desktop vaporizers. Start with step two for electronic dab rigs like the Puffco Peak.

1. Brush

Brushes are a big key to learning how to clean a vape. In fact, they’re necessary for keeping the performance of your vaporizer optimal for as long as possible before needing to deep clean. After your weed is vaporized to your liking, use a small brush to clean everything out. Make sure the brush isn’t made of synthetics or plastic so it doesn’t melt and permanently ruin your device if you ever brush while the chamber is still hot.

You can save your already vaped cannabis in a container to make other cannabis products like edibles. If you didn’t scorch it, there should still be leftover THC and other cannabinoids that can be recycled. It’s best to brush immediately after the session when the oven is still hot and resins are loose.

However, short-term memory loss happens or we forget our brush sometimes. In those cases, preheat the oven before your next session to make it easier to get the remaining plant matter off of the vaporizer.

The pieces of a Puffco Peak and the Beta Glass Labs Petra attachment.

2. Heat & Take Apart

When brushing is no longer enough, it’s time to give your vaporizer the full treatment. Start by heating up the device without any weed or dabs in the chamber. This will help loosen the oils and resins so that you can clean them off easier. Ideally, you should use the vaporizer for a full session before starting a deep cleaning. This will help loosen the resin in the air path and on the mouthpiece as well.

There are so many different cannabis vaporizers on the market that it’s hard to give exact instructions for each one. However, most will consist of a heating chamber, mouthpiece and an air path leading from one to the other. Those three and any glass attachments are the main areas that will accumulate the most resin. As a result, they’re the regions you’ll want to give the most attention to when cleaning.

If you can open up or take apart your device so each of them is accessible, do so after a full session. You can also run the vaporizer and pull through the mouthpiece to get heat to the various parts of the region if you don’t want to subject your quality buds and hash oil to your dirty vape.

3. Isopropyl Alcohol & Q-Tips

If you used the vaporizer right before beginning the deep cleaning, start by cleaning the mouthpiece or air path before they cool down. Q-tips and Isopropyl Alcohol are good for more than just cleaning quartz bangers. You can soak removable atomizers while you wipe down the rest of your vaporizer. Glass attachments can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or any cleaner designed for water pipes. Use a Q-tip soaked in alcohol to rub the resin off the various parts of your vaporizer that have resin built up in them.

Finally, use dry Q-tips or paper towels to soak up any leftover alcohol when you finish cleaning. We recommend leaving the mouthpiece and airpath to air dry for a while. That way any remaining isopropyl alcohol will have time to evaporate off. Finally, avoid leaving the alcohol on surfaces that aren’t metal or glass for too long as they can deteriorate.

As for the heating chamber, you can reheat it before cleaning. Then, turn the vaporizer chamber upside down and use a Q-tip lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean off any resin in and around the chamber. Repeat until your chamber is as clean as can be. Then, use a new Q-tip to dry off any remaining isopropyl alcohol. To ensure no isopropyl alcohol is in the chamber, you can heat up the oven again and the rest will quickly evaporate.

How to Clean a Cannabis Vaporizer

As long as you brush your dry vaporizer out or q-tip your atomizer after each session, you won’t have to repeat the other steps too often. Now that you know how to clean a vape, you know your vaporizer can be functioning like it did on day one after two simple steps. If you’re buying quality cannabis, make sure you’re tasting and enjoying them as much as you possibly can.

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