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Vitamin Water For Weed: Get High From Just Drinking It

Vitamin Water For Weed: Get High From Just Drinking It


Vitamin Water For Weed: Get High From Just Drinking It

Pearl2O, the vitamin water for weed, will get you high without leaving the taste of cannabis flowers in your mouth. You can use it to create tasty weed-infused recipes.

PEARL2O is the vitamin water for weed. Infused beverages are nothing new, but there’s something that sets this one apart. In particular, you can get high without the taste of cannabis flowers in your beverage.

What’s Inside A PEARL2O Bottle? 

Vitamin Water For Weed: Get High From Just Drinking It

The idea for this weed-infused drink came from medical marijuana patients that were tired of the nasty taste of weed in their edibles and drinks. The product was developed over a three year period by an MIT-educated cannabis process manufacturing expert and a food scientist.

There is nothing like PEARL2O because there’s seemingly nothing inside the bottle. Even though the company calls its product the vitamin water for weed, we think it’s healthier than vitamin water.

It looks like an ordinary bottle of water, and it has zero calories, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sugar, and zero weed taste. It makes you wonder how they got cannabinoids in there while keeping the liquid free of weed odor and flavor.

There are two bottles that have equal parts CBD and THC. One of them comes with 50 milligrams of each, and the other has 100 milligrams of each. 

You Can Do More Than Just Drink PEARL2O


On top of being the vitamin water for weed, PEARL2O can be used to cook and create cannabinoid-infused dishes with no added weed taste. 

Best of all, the water-based cannabis emulsion maintains potency even after being cooked, chilled, or frozen.

This product is the first and only of its kind on the market right now. The options are endless. 

You can go beyond cooking and drinking by incorporating PEARL2O into other drinks, foods, and even topical products. Here are a few creative ways to get some cannabis in your diet using PEARL2O.

Infused Ice Cubes

An easy way to sneak weed into any beverage is by using infused ice cubes. Since PEARL2O doesn’t lose potency when chilled, you can fill an ice tray with it. Let it freeze then use the ice cubes in a soda or cocktail for an added buzz. 

Infused Popsicles

You can make cannabis-infused popsicles with the help of this productP. With fresh fruits, popsicle molds, a freezer, and PEARL2O you can make popsicles with a cannabis kick. If you have children in the house, keep them labeled and hidden in a bag of broccoli. 

Final Hit: Vitamin Water For Weed

PEARL2O is the vitamin water for weed, but it can also do so much more. Potency survives through heat and cold. 

Since it looks just like water, it’s very discreet. So if you’re looking for a way to get high at work or sneak weed into a music festival bring a bottle of PEARL2O.

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