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Police Video of Two NFL Players Caught with Weed Released This Week

Police Video of Two NFL Players Caught with Weed Released This Week


Police Video of Two NFL Players Caught with Weed Released This Week

Three members of the packers were recently caught with weed in their car and a free agent was also caught up in a seperate incident.

At this point, NFL players consuming cannabis—and getting caught—is far from a shocking story. But it’s rare we get a glimpse into the actual footage of said player’s interaction with the police. Recently released footage, however, reveals Green Bay Packers’ star outside linebacker Za’Darius Smith and two of his teammates in a recent run-in with the police, after the pass rusher was pulled over for speeding.

And possessing three blunts and a weed cartridge.

Packers Players Busted

The newly-released bodycam footage shows Smith, who is driving the vehicle, getting questioned by an officer, while his two teammates, later identified as Packers rookies Rashan Gary and Kingsley Keke, give another officer their IDs back on Sept. 29 in Racine, Wisc. Smith was allegedly doing 81 MPH in a 60 MPH zone.

“The reason why I stopped you is you were going 81 MPH,” the office noted. “Is there any reason why you were going that fast?”

“I’m sorry, we were just trying to get to Green Bay sir,” the linebacker replied.

The officer must have smelled weed in the vehicle, as he promptly asked how much marijuana was in the car during their interaction.

“Hey, can you do me a favor? Turn the car off, step out of the car. How much weed you got in there?” the officer asked.

Smith, to his credit, immediately admitted to smoking weed earlier in the day with his teammates.

“Uh no, we smoked earlier, ” Smith told the officer.

However, after searching Smith’s 2019 Yukon, police found three blunts and a vaping cartridge in a brown Louis Vuitton duffel bag. Smith told officers that he wasn’t aware that there was marijuana in the vehicle.

“What weed?” Smith asked sheepishly.

The officer then asked whose weed it was, and Smith was quick to take the fall on behalf of his rookie teammates.

“I’ll put it on me, yessir,” Smith said about the three blunts.

“I’ll put that on me, ” he added in regards to the THC cartridge.

Luckily for the Packers trio, no arrests were made. Smith was issued separate citations for speeding and possession, while Gary and Keke got off scot-free. All three left after the tickets were issued.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Smith pleaded not guilty to both citations in Racine Country on Monday. It’s unclear, however, whether the linebacker will receive punishment or additional fines from the NFL. Last year, teammate Aaron Jones was hit with a two-game suspension after he admitted to police that he had been smoking prior to a 2017 traffic stop.

The Packers can ill-afford to lose Smith this season after signing him to a four year, $66 million contract in the offseason. Smith spent his first four seasons in the league as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. The linebacker has amassed 32 tackles and 8.5 sacks in nine games this season for a 7-2 Green Bay team and is primed to make his first-ever Pro Bowl.

And judging by Smith’s actions both on the field and in a precarious situation like the one above, one thing is clear—he’s one hell of a teammate.

Ex-Baltimore Ravens’ Running Back Alex Collins’ Arrest Video Also Released

Coincidentally, TMZ Sports also got a hold of the footage stemming from Alex Collins—another ex-Baltimore Raven—during his arrest in March.

Collins was found with five ounces of cannabis and a handgun after he was found in his car on the side of the road. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana in excess of 10 grams, and possession of a handgun in a vehicle. The free-agent running back was recently slapped with a three-game ban this season.

These two incidents should serve as a cautionary tale for NFL players with a penchant for the green. Moral of the story: if you’re going to smoke weed (and get away with it), do it in the confines of your own home. Don’t bring it on the road.

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