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Grow Your Own Cannabis The Easy Way With Automatic Growers

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Grow Your Own Cannabis The Easy Way With Automatic Growers

Getting Serious About Automatic Growers

The possibility of growing your cannabis is an option for more and more people out there with automatic growers. A lesser known privilege enjoyed by medical cannabis users allows them to grow their marijuana. And in states where weed is legal, residents are permitted to grow several plants on their property.

As any DIY-er will tell you, the best way to do something is to do it yourself. And besides, growing your cannabis is more affordable than paying for expensive marijuana prescriptions.

And if you’ve ever grown anything in your life, you get to know and appreciate your plant. Admit it, those home grown garden tomatoes taste better than anything at the local grocery. The same goes for growing your own cannabis.

Even if it’s technically not the high-quality professional stuff available medically or recreationally, it’s your pot, and you’re going to love it. But a few companies are telling you that you can have both: the convenience and enjoyment of a home grow operation, with the quality of the product at high-end boutiques.

Automated growers are for now a niche market, but they have the potential to become hugely popular, particularly since cannabis is increasingly legalized for medical use.

With the right conditions, marijuana grows itself. They don’t call it ‘weed’ for anything! But most Americans don’t live in those conditions or have access to the space needed to grow marijuana if they did.

So most folks have to grow their marijuana indoors, which any gardener will tell you is especially challenging. In the case of cannabis, it’s even more challenging. It’s not just a question of water, light, and some off-brand “miracle grow” potting soil.

For the cannabis plant to produce the cannabinoids that people use to medicate, it needs the right pH, and the perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and other vital nutrients.

Oh, and there’s keeping the humidity in check with the CO2 levels, the water temp, and the height of your plants.

Automatic growers take all the guesswork, trial and error out of the challenging task of growing pot indoors. Sure, you lose out on the most intimate connection of having figured things out yourself.

But admit it, if you don’t have to, or don’t have the time, you’d like an automated grower. I mean have you seen one of these things? They’re sick! Check out these three companies bringing the auto-flowering revolution to the cannabis sensation sweeping the nation.

7 Sensors’ Automatic Growers

With bragging rights to one of the top auto-growers in the ballgame today, 7 Sensors delivers some advanced features: 100% Organic, Energy Efficient, Reduces CO2, Purifies Air, and the list continues.

Leaf’s “Plug And Plant” Automatic Growers

Check out this video from Leaf Technicians which explains the process and benefits of home grows that take out all the hard work of doing it yourself!


Root’s “Grow With Root” Automatic Growers

ROOT is a smart, connected device that allows you to grow a variety of plants indoors with minimal upkeep. Yeah, did we mention that these auto-growers, you know, they’re good for whatever you want to grow? But some that you purchase can be specially calibrated to create the ideal conditions for crazy-awesome cannabis.

automatic grower

Automatic Growers Are Changing the Face of Weed From Disgraceful To Tasteful

One of the best things about these automatic growers and the growing pot culture they are a part of has to do with the increased respectability and acceptance that these clean, sustainable, and energy efficient growers garner. As people see marijuana growers come out of the shadows with high-tech appliances, they help get rid of the out-dated image of seedy weed growers working away in moldy basements.

Not that there was anything wrong with those guerilla growers. Where would plant culture be without them? Here’s to you, cannabis growers everywhere, from the die-hard horticulturalists to the automated enthusiast.

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