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Best Vaporizers of 2015

The Best Vaporizers of 2015 - Green Rush Daily


Best Vaporizers of 2015

Best Vaporizers of 2015

In all respects, 2015 was a banner year for bud. The year that saw the federal government end the blanket prohibition on medical marijuana also saw a wave of pro-cannabis legislation and decriminalization measures sweep the United States.

Along with the growth of the legal cannabis industry has been the rise of the marijuana tech industry. As more and more people are finding safe, regulated ways to consume marijuana, the demand for innovative and revolutionary new products has skyrocketed.

As marijuana products branch out from the standard buds and flowers people smoke, into edibles and concentrates like oils, waxes, and dabs, the toolkit of the cannabis consumer continues to grow.

Undeniably, the trendiest way to consume cannabis is to vaporize it in the form of a THC or CBD wax. The gaining popularity of vaporizers guarantees that it will become the preferred way to smoke for those with access to the right cannabis products.

With that in mind, here is Green Rush Daily’s pick of the Best Vaporizers of 2015!

QuickDraw 500-DLX

The Best Vaporizers of 2015 - Green Rush Daily

Available for $200, the QuickDraw was an obvious choice for our top three.

The QuickDraw comes complete with a kit that enables users to burn a variety of cannabis products, from flowers to liquids and wax.

We were very excited to see that the QuickDraw allowed for on-the-fly adjustment of the cartridge system, allowing me to move seamlessly from ground material, liquids, and concentrates.

QuickDraw isn’t the only vaporizer that can combust a variety of material, but the problem with other vapes is that they have a hard time adjusting the temp to match the material, causing burning or incomplete vaporization.

With the QuickDraw, however, I was able to dial in the ideal heat setting with the smart heat control. This gave me the precise temperature for rich, flavorful vapor.


The Best Vaporizers of 2015 - Green Rush Daily

Often touted as the Mercedes-Benz of vaporizers, the PAX 2 more than outdoes the competition when it comes to style and minimal, discrete design.

In our tests, the PAX 2 also happened to be the most powerful, yet power-efficient of the top 3 vaporizers listed here.

What really blew us away as we were blowing clear, flavorful vapor from the PAX 2, was how it sensed the pressure of my lips and breathing to self-optimize power draw and burn temperature.

PAX 2 took out all of the guesswork of vaping different materials for me; actually, it basically took care of itself.

The redesigned model sports a slimmer profile than its predecessor. It also feels lighter, and the magnetic charging dock is super-quick and easy to use. We couldn’t help but get that eager feeling of anticipation when the X glowed bright green, indicating PAX 2 was ready to send me into outer space.

Nimbinvap 4.3

The Best Vaporizers of 2015 - Green Rush Daily

Whereas the other two vaporizers on our top 3 list are reaching for an ultra-modern, sleek design, major props go to Nimbinvap 4.3 for succeeding with a natural, earthy, and highly compact mini-vaporizer.

The Nimbinvap 4.3 configuration we used looked outdoorsy with its hardwood shell, but beneath its gentle exterior, we discovered an ingenious 420 multi-tool.

We thought we were playing with some kind of Russian doll, or a swiss army knife for smoking when we were experimenting with all the Nimbinvap had to offer.

In our experience, the Nimbinvap produces a lightweight vapor and smoke, and its artful design makes it a pleasure to hold and use.

Our Nimbinvap came with some unique packaging, including a “Smart Case” complete with parts, accessories, and a guidebook for healthy vaping.

It was refreshing to see a company prioritizing health in their vaporizer design, and Nimbinvap makes every effort to be the healthiest vaporizer on the market.

Our kit even came with an active charcoal filter and a hemp wick to help cut down on pollutants or toxins in the burnt material. All of these features added up to one amazing vaping experience.

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