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Controlla Clip Allows You To Smoke Hands-Free While Gaming

Controlla Clip Allows You To Smoke Hands-Free While Gaming


Controlla Clip Allows You To Smoke Hands-Free While Gaming

If you’re a regular weed smoker, chances are you’re also a gaming aficionado. I mean seriously, the two things pretty much go hand in hand. Other than the fact that, well, you don’t technically have enough hands to do both. Well, my friends, this is all about to change. Rather, it already has. Meet the Controlla Clip.

How The Controlla Clip Works

Rolla Wear Brand has developed a simple item to let all of us video game enthusiasts enjoy a little ganja while we still have the chance to nuke virtual terrorists to oblivion. Lo and behold, check out this Controlla Clip developed by Rolla. (Dare you to say that five times fast).

Gaming has never been so 420-friendly. Simply plug it into the top of your controller, attach your blunt or joint to the clip, and you’re good to toke up. There’s no need to pause an intense gaming session to pick up and re-light your clip. It’s just right there, waiting to be smoked.

Never again will your friend score a cheap touchdown in Madden, or a bullsh*t three-pointer in 2K. Well, unless you’re normally just trash to begin with. Oh, and also it only connects to the controller YOU’RE using, so if you’re hanging with your friends, you have a legit excuse to chief.

The best part about it though? The price. Not only is the price totally affordable, but it’s also quite symbolic. The clip is being sold on Rolla Wear Brand’s website for, you guessed it– $4.20.

This is yet another example of how smoking weed is becoming more and more of a societal norm. Soon enough, there will be clips on every video game controller across America. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you catch my drift.

Toke up my friends. And improve that gamer score with the Controlla Clip while you’re at it.

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