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New App-Controlled Vaporizer Lets You Dial In The Perfect Hit

Firefly 2 Vaporizer


New App-Controlled Vaporizer Lets You Dial In The Perfect Hit

Vaporizers are great tools for smoking cannabis. They can handle a variety of forms, from flowers to wax, they’re discrete, and they offer portability that lets you take your toke on the go.

There are some drawbacks to vaping cannabis. You have to make sure your vaporizer is calibrated for the right material, and using them regularly can quickly lead to malfunction.

A malfunctioning vaporizer can result in uneven and inconsistent combustion. It can create harsh hits or hits without any substance. And it can waste your precious stash.

Until now, it wasn’t possible to have very much control over the burn temp or even how much ganja you wanted to puff. That’s where the new Firefly 2 vaporizer comes in.

The Firefly 2 is linked to an app that does two incredible things at once. It lets you control your puff, so you can dial in the perfect amount for the high you’re going for. And the app also lets you know how your machine is operating: in peak condition or in need of a tune-up.

What’s unique about the app-controlled Firefly 2 is that it gives you a tailored, individual high that’s fully customizable.

In fact, the app is so personalized, that everyone in your smoke session can set their ideal amount, ensuring the perfect buzz for each individual. The app even knows if you’re vaping left-handed or right-handed. Finally, lefties aren’t left out.

After downloading the app, available for both Android and iPhone, Firefly 2 users simply sync their phone and vaporizer together. Users have instant access to customizable heat levels, battery-saving options.

The vaporizer has six heat settings: from “low” for dry flowers all the way up to high temps for oils and concentrates.

This feature ensures steady, controlled heat, reducing the risk of harsh hits and uneven burning.

Firefly 2 also comes equipped with special concentration pads. When placed in the chamber before use, they help to ensure no oil is wasted.

Two smart-batteries come with the app-controlled vaporizer. Levels are closely monitored through the app, ensuring the life of the vaporizer is extended as long as possible.

Each battery lasts 40-80 hits, depending on the length of the puff, and a USB docking station allows for quick recharging.

The app promises to take up minimal room on phones and tablets as well. More features accessible through the app include customized touch sensor activation, LED brightness, device naming and customer service support.

The experience of vaping is taken to a whole new level with this app, delivering each user their perfect high.

The creaters of the Firefly 2 are so confident in their product, they’re shipping it with an impressive 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. There’s no reason not to shell out the $330 for this vaporizer, but you’ll have to wait until May. The company sold out their first round of production.

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