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Grow Weed in a Speaker

A Speaker That Plays Loud Weed, Not Music- GREEN RUSH DAILY


Grow Weed in a Speaker

A Speaker that Grows Weed

Unless you’re a resident of a state where it’s legal to grow your own cannabis plants, chances are you’re trying to grow on the sly. And even people who live in grow-legal places may want to conceal their grow op.

For the vast majority of medical and recreational cannabis users, though, home-grow operations have to be of the utmost secrecy, sometimes even to residents of the same home.

But growing discretely can be tough, especially considering the care that homegrown marijuana flowers require. Many people don’t have the light, the space, or the equipment to set up a compact, hidden, and successful cannabis grow at home.

Where’s the best place to hide something? The answer, paradoxically, is in plain sight. So how to hide a cannabis plant in plain view?


Looks like an ordinary speaker right?

What does nearly every home in America have? A stereo. And therefore, stereo speakers.

Incognito Grow’s “SpeakerBox” stashes a compact and ultra-efficient grow system in the completely inconspicuous cabinet of your average stereo speaker.

Since everything fits in the speaker cabinet, home growers can put their system anywhere you might find a stereo: so basically anywhere from a bedroom to an office.

The SpeakerBox sets up in minutes, and is fully automated. Just add seeds and a little juice; there’s nothing to it.


Well this speaker plays loud weed, not music.

The SpeakerBox even ships with everything you need to get started, including lighting and 3 months of nutrient for the soil.

Thanks to the compact fluorescent lights which provide the exact spectrum of light required for optimal growth, the SpeakerBox will have home growers up and running in no time at all.


The speaker that hides a cannabis grow is also energy efficient, costing on average under $10 a month.

It’s stealthy, affordable, and simple, meaning anyone could grow marijuana anywhere without anyone noticing.

The SpeakerBox comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit any home, and is completely upgradeable and future-ready.

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