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Mobile Extraction Facilitites Are Coming To The Marijuana Industry

Mobile Extraction Facilitites Are Coming To The Marijuana Industry


Mobile Extraction Facilitites Are Coming To The Marijuana Industry

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Mobile Extraction Facilitites Are Coming To The Marijuana Industry

Making high quality vape pens from safely extracted materials has never been cheaper, easier or more eco-friendly.

A Canadian company has set out to disrupt the extraction industry. Last week, Quadron Cannatech Corporation out of British Columbia sold its first mobile extraction machine to TLC Botanicals, a medical marijuana dispensary. Not only is this machine more eco-friendly, faster and cheaper to operate than everything else on the market, but it can produce some of the best tasting vape pens.

A Look at a Standard Extraction Machine

“We were frustrated with the machines available in the industry,” Shane Lander, President of Soma Labs Scientific, which runs Quadron Cannatech Corporation, told Green Rush Daily. “We had the in-house expertise so we were like, OK we’re going to design a better machine.”

The typical machine on the market now is expensive, slow and difficult to operate. Faster machines typically produce bad product whereas slow machines don’t offer a quick enough return on investment.

This latter is especially true of CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is a process by which a machine applies so much air pressure that it can turn a gas into a liquid. This is how we get THC and CBD oil for vape pens, for instance.

Most CO2 extraction machines on the market are “high temperature, high pressure,” according to Lander. “You’re going to over roast your product,” he explained. This is why some people prefer their extractions not come from CO2.

Quadron Cannatech’s Mobile Extraction Machines

Lander and his team set out to redefine CO2 extraction by designing a whole new machine. “Mobile comes down to the size of the equipment, the energy footprint, and its ability to extract and simplicity to operate,” Lander said.

And his machines exceed industry standards. Their team can have a machine set up in an hour, whereas most others require months of prep time and building a special facility. Lander asserts that you can have a three-month return on your machine, which costs in the $200,000 range, depending on the price of your THC or CBD.

Not only are these machines fast and mobile, but they offer high-grade, low-temperature CO2 extraction. “You can get CBD and THC out of most things, butane, alcohol, and or CO2,” Lander explained. “The difference with CO2 is you can make one of the best oils for vape pens if flavor and taste are important.”

Mobile Extraction Will Make Vape Pens Easier, Cheaper and Better

Though Quadron Cannatech has only sold one machine so far, this could signal the reinvention of a growing industry. The CBD industry is booming, and the demand for safe and cheap quality product is on the rise. And with this machine, cannabis companies could meet growing demand.

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