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My First Grow – A Cannabis Grow Kit For Kids

My First Grow - Cannabis Grow Kits For Kids


My First Grow – A Cannabis Grow Kit For Kids

The geniuses over at My First Grow believe that everyone should start learning about the medicinal and amazing benefits that cannabis has to offer. The kit is designed perfectly so that both little kids and adults can share their knowledge of how cannabis, specifically hemp which can have multiple and brilliant uses.

My First Grow is a hemp grow kit started by Greg Lonsdale, which is perfect for a child’s first understanding of what the cannabis family even is. Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that is used for many different purposes, such as clothes, shoes, or even hair products.

The product was first thought of when inventor Lonsdale saw his nephew playing with his grow your own tomatoes kit. Lonsdale perfectly thought that the same concept should be applied to cannabis and hemp.

Hemp is also different from what people typically think of cannabis because the hemp product is not used for it’s psychoactive properties or the ability to get you “high”. Even so the germination or growing of these plants is illegal in many countries, so the My First Grow, is simply an adult souvenir. Well played, My First Grow.

The purpose of My First Grow is therefore simply to educate, not to get you high. Whether it be to educate the parents who are buying the “souvenir”, or the children who should know the real uses and properties of the cannabis plant.

Included in the My First Grow kit is everything a baby cannabis connoisseur could want. The kit comes with a growing cup and six hemp seeds with a perfect blend of soil.

My First Grow also gives you clear instructions about how to grow the hemp, and information about what hemp is actually used for. This could be the perfect tool for letting your child know how and for what this amazing plant can be cultivated for, before they start believing all of the terrible marijuana myths.

The grower has a great fan base already, with around 10,000 shared experiences on Facebook. The kit has even been sold in countries like, Australia, United States, Israel, and even in Brazil to create an international understanding of the greatness of hemp.

So what does Lonsdale say about his international grower that may or may not help with illegal activity. He states,

“My hope for anyone who purchases a My First Grow kit is that they use it as a starting point to further their education of cannabis and hemp. The choice to germinate the seeds has to be that of the individual who purchased the kit; essentially, germinating it is an act of political protest.”

Well said, Lonsdale, well said.

My First Grow

My First Grow - Cannabis Grow Kits For Kids

Cannabis Grow Kits for Kids

My First Grow - Cannabis Grow Kits For Kids

Hemp is part of the Cannabis family but without the psychoactive properties; perfect for your child’s first grow.

My First Grow - Cannabis Grow Kits For Kids

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