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New Paint Absorbs The Smell Of Weed Smoke

New Paint Absorbs The Smell Of Weed Smoke


New Paint Absorbs The Smell Of Weed Smoke

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New Paint Absorbs The Smell Of Weed Smoke

Avoid toxic air fresheners with this natural paint that absorbs the smell of all that kush, and even cleans the air.

Slow your roll, Hilary Duff. There’s a new, healthy way to get the dank smell of Mary Jane out of your apartment. Ecobond Paint just released a paint that absorbs the smell of marijuana, cigarettes, meth and pets. Here’s how this new paint will keep your apartment smelling fresh all day, every day.

This Paint Absorbs The Smell of Marijuana and Toxins

Whether you are a fan of the herb (but not the smell), or your new home smells like cigarettes, this paint could be the answer to your olfactory issues. Ecobond Paint, known for Lead Defender paint that protects from the toxins found in lead, just released OdorDefender.

OdorDefender absorbs the smell of weed smoke and a host of other nagging scents. Plus, it does it all-naturally, using an alginate from brown seaweed. Paul Barthel, Sales and Product Development manager at EcoBond, explained to Green Rush Daily, “It’s considered natural, it’s safe. it’s used in foods, textiles, pharmaceuticals.”

He added, “It’s an odor blocking paint that’s designed to seal and block dangerous odors and fumes from cigarette smoke, pot smoke, fire, meth, as well as pet odors, and at the same time substantially improving the air quality.” This is because seaweed simultaneously gives off oxygen.

It’s Great For All Kinds of Smokers and Non-Smokers

You can use this paint underneath a carpet, on wood or on a wall. In all these cases, it will absorb and treat the air for a variety of scents. “If you ever went in a smokers house,” Barthel explained,  “you could rub your hand, or a rag, on the wall, and it would come back yellow.” This won’t happen with OdorDefender.

“Our intention was to help homes where the smoker might still be living, or that has been vacated,” he said.

To develop this pain that absorbs the smell of weed, Ecobond Paint performed years of testing. At one point, they left marijuana burning for days to test the paint would absorb the smell.

Where To Find Weed Smell Absorbing Paint

Though EcoBond just released this product a couple weeks ago, you can already find OdorDefender on their website or through a distributor. It already comes in flat white and pastels, but you can add a color swatch to make it any color of your choosing.

You’ll be able to buy it at Home Depot, along with their LeadDefender paint, Amazon, Ace Hardware and other chains. Worrying about second-hand smoke or annoying your neighbors can be a thing of the past.

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