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Get Massive Hits With A Steamroller Pipe

Steamroller Pipe Can Give You Massive Hits, Here's How


Get Massive Hits With A Steamroller Pipe

Are you on the market for new glass? Trying to figure out the best way to smoke weed? Using a steamroller pipe could be the answer. A steamroller is an innovative way to get milkier hits, and it could be the perfect addition to your glass collection.

If a bong is a shotgun, a steamroller pipe is a sawed-off shotgun. They both do similar things, but steamrollers are easier to transport.

That’s because they are lighter and they do not use water. Either way, somebody is getting blasted.

One quick note: Steamroller pipes may be better suited for seasoned cannabis smokers looking for bigger hits.

Beginners should start off with a regular bowl. A hit or two on a steamroller will leave newbies looking like that girl flattened out on the couch from the infamous anti-weed PSA. They are called steamrollers for a reason!

What Is A Steamroller Pipe?

Steamroller Pipe Can Give You Massive Hits, Here's How

The name actually comes from the fact that they resemble the wheel of a steamroller. A steamroller pipe is similar to a regular bowl but without the curves, and with a slightly different carb set up.

On one end of the steamroller, there will be an indented bowl. This is where your ganja goes.

As opposed to a regular bowl, the carb for most steamrollers is a hole at the very end of the piece. Most of the time, the carb hole is as big as the mouthpiece.

But don’t worry. There’s an easy way to tell them apart.

The carb is the hole closest to the bowl. The hole at the other end of the pipe—the end that is furthest away from the bowl—is the mouthpiece.

You can find steamrollers in various shapes and sizes, and made out of different types of glass. In fact, the same materials used to make high-end bongs are being used to make super sturdy steamroller pipes.

Why Get A Steamroller Pipe?

Steamroller Pipe Can Give You Massive Hits, Here's How

So you already have a pipe. Why get a steamroller pipe? Well, steamrollers provide something that a regular bowl cannot: a strong, harsh hit you won’t find elsewhere.

If you are the type of person who is underwhelmed by the soft hits you get from vaporizers, you will probably love steamrollers. That’s because they have one mission in life: give you bigger, stronger, harsher hits.

Think of it like a water-less bong. More specifically, steamrollers give you the same massive hits, but since they do not use water, they tend to be hotter and harsher.

Water can be a hassle when it comes to cleaning and taking your glass with you on the go. But steamrollers solve that problem. When you want to use your steamroller, you don’t have to look around for a bottle of water or a sink.

With all that said, if you prefer smoking a bong or a bubbler, a steamroller might not be for you. People who prefer water pipes usually aren’t chasing the dry, harsh hits that steamrollers provide. So if you already think a regular pipe is harsh, we wouldn’t recommend a steamroller.

Different Steamroller Pipe Designs

Just as glass blowers create tons of different bongs and bowls, steamroller pipes also come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. We’ll go over the main types and the differences between them. Then you can decide which one best suits your needs.


Some steamrollers are made of sturdy plastics like Acrylic. These pipes won’t shatter if you accidentally drop them. If you’re clumsy, go with an acrylic pipe. And if you’re worried about inhaling heated plastics, many acrylic steamrollers come with glass or metal slide pieces for a safer smoke.


The most common steamroller design is glass. If you’re looking for more flavor, glass is the way to go. Steamrollers are being made with the highest-quality borosilicate glass, the same material used to produce the elite bongs.


If you want some cooling for all that harsh smoke, there are steamrollers better suited for you. For example, there are steamrollers filled with glycerin which stays cold for a long time after being put in the freezer.

Glycerin is a liquid that doesn’t expand when placed in the freezer, so your glass is safe from breaking.


One design that stands out from the rest is the Helix Steamroller. The carb is at the end like most steamrollers. However, the rest of the piece has a unique shape.

When you spark it and inhale, the smoke is forced to spiral into a tornado before entering your lungs. This is a creative way to cool the smoke without using water. In general, the further smoke has to travel, the cooler it gets.

Size Does Matter When It Comes To Steamrollers

When it comes to a steamroller, size is everything. The size of your pipe and carb hole will determine how strong of a hit you get.

Steamroller Pipe Can Give You Massive Hits, Here's How

There are steamroller pipes that can be smoked with one hand like a bowl for a steady flow of smoke. This is for those afraid of being flattened out by a full-sized steamroller.

A steamroller pipe isn’t really an everyday piece but if you’re planning on using it regularly look into a smaller one. That is, of course, unless your lungs can handle powerful hits on the regular. In that case, we commend your badassery.


A serious steamroller pipe requires two hands. Many steamrollers are made so that they can stand up on their own, without rolling off your table and breaking.

Depending on the size of your steamroller, you may have to use your whole palm to cover the carb. The bigger carb hole allows more air in so that you can clear larger amounts of smoke quicker. A larger steamroller pipe is what you need to get those huge hits quickly.

How To Smoke A Steamroller

Steamroller pipes work fairly similar to regular bowls and bongs, but with some slight variations. Here’s how you smoke a steamroller:

  • First, you’ll need to grind up your pot.
  • Next, fill the bowl portion of the steamroller pipe like you would any other pipe.
  • Place your hand or finger over the carb.
  • Spark up your herb while drawing in.
  • Remove your finger or palm from the carb and inhale all the smoke that’s built up inside the pipe.

That’s pretty much it. Pack it, light it, and smoke it homie.

How To Clean A Steamroller Pipe

Your steamroller pipe will be the easiest piece of glass in your collection to clean. Traditional spoon-shaped bowls have bends and curves that make it hard to clean leftover resin.

But since steamrollers are just a straight cylinder, there aren’t any of those messy curves to deal with. When it comes to steamroller pipes, a regular pipe cleaner should do the trick.

Similarly, the bigger carb makes for easy cleaning. Just push a pipe cleaner through the big carb and clean out whatever residue has built up inside the pipe.

You can also throw your steamroller pipe in a bag with some isopropyl alcohol or liquid glass cleaner. Allow it to soak for 1-2 hours before shaking it and rinsing it clean.

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