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Why You Should Add Freetown Christiania to Your Weedcation List

Why You Should Add Freetown Christiania to Your Weedcation List


Why You Should Add Freetown Christiania to Your Weedcation List

Visit Freetown Christiania, the Hippie Neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark

Welcome to the Green Light District, Freetown Christiania. Though it is a “free town” we have rules:

  1. No photography
  2. Do not run – it scares the vendors
  3. No hard drugs

This is the sign when entering Freetown Christiania, Denmark. A hippie neighborhood smack in the middle of the country’s capital city, Copenhagen…and they love Mary Jane. As of today, recreational marijuana is illegal in Denmark.

But fun fact: Christiania is a self-proclaimed, self-governed neighborhood.

When leaving Christiania, the arch says, “You are now entering the EU.” Their anthem “i kan ikke slå os ihjel” in Danish means “you cannot kill us.” It’s anarchy, literally, and it’s 100% worth visiting for every cannabis enthusiast.

Everyone knows about Amsterdam, a city now overpopulated by tourists smoking on the streets and coffee shops. However, for the adventurer seeking tucked away European secrets, Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark is the place to go.


Why You Should Add Freetown Christiania to Your Weedcation List

The area of Christiania consists of former military barracks abandoned in 1967. During this time, the area was fenced off and guarded by a few watchmen. On September 4th, 1971, residents of outlying neighborhoods broke down the barrier to use to the area as a playground for their children. Some say this was an unorganized act of civilians; however, others will claim this was an act of protest against the Danish government. Shortly after, a journalist by the name of Jacob Ludvigsen co-authored Christiania’s mission statement.

“Christiania’s objective is to create a self-governing society, whereby each and every individual can thrive under the responsibility for the entire community. This society must economically rest in itself, and the joint efforts must continue to be about showing that psychological and physical destitution can be diverted.”

Since then, Freetown Christiania created a safe-haven for the socially outcast types. Theater troupes, artists, hippies, yogis, and of course, cannabis enthusiasts.

Things to know as a tourist

Why You Should Add Freetown Christiania to Your Weedcation List

When entering Christiania, there is a noticeable air of calm about the place. From the shop owners selling bongs to the young guys hanging around old barracks, no one is hurried. The residents live a laid back life, contagious to anyone visiting.

Most everyone speaks English in Copenhagen, so no need to worry about language barriers.

There’s a market of entrepreneurs selling homemade jewelry, scarves, t-shirts with Bob Marley, and an array of marijuana paraphernalia. Hand-carved bowls, colorful grinders, glass-blown bongs, and so much more.

Not only does Christiania have its own flag, red with three horizontal yellow dots, but they also brew a pilsner lager for the beer lovers.

The walls of the buildings are covered in gorgeous murals and graffiti art. The residents of Christiania let nothing go to waste, and one thing you’ll see around the neighborhood is the use of shoes and boots as flower pots. This combination of human consumerism and nature create such a unique vibe, it’s no wonder many call it a hippie commune.

So, take a walk through the market, check out the vibrant wall art, relax and enjoy Christiania brewed beer and food.

Buying Cannabis

Why You Should Add Freetown Christiania to Your Weedcation List

The best part about Freetown Christiania: a joint cost as little as 5 US dollars, or 40 Danish kroner. The vendors only take cash in Danish Kroner. As you walk through the neighborhood, you’ll come across a street dubbed “pusher street.” Though it is not marked by a sign, it’s impossible to miss. Over twenty small stalls each selling homegrown hash, edibles, and joints of skunk, pot, and mix. The vendors are friendly, not aggressive like most markets (most likely due to the joint burning in their hand). They smile when you walk up, used to tourists, and are willing to answer all your questions about what they sell.

Once you’ve made a purchase, you’re already in a safe haven to smoke.

The food court is the most popular area to sit down, smoke, drink, and indulge the munchies. Every Sunday, Nemoland, a café located in the food court area, offers two free concerts during the day. Or if you’re there on a calm day, walk up the hill behind the food stalls where there’s a lakeside with benches.

Freetown Christiania in Denmark welcome tourists with a safe environment to be themselves and get high. So, if you’re looking for your next weedcation, put Christiania on the list.

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