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10 Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas


10 Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

This list of the best places to smoke weed in Dallas lays out the most exciting and stimulating venues for weed-lovers in Texas.

Texas’s weed laws are still very strict, which makes finding a cool place to smoke weed in Dallas a bit more challenging than in other cities. But don’t sweat. We found the best places to smoke weed in Dallas.

10. The Dallas Arboretum

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Early this year, polls showed that more and more Texans were hopping on the legal weed bandwagon. In fact, about four out of every five people in Texas want an end to prohibition. Hopefully, this makes it a bit easier to find great places to smoke weed.

But for now, we’re starting our list of the best places to smoke weed in Dallas with an outdoor classic. It’s safe to say that weed smokers have an above-average appreciation for beautiful foliage.

So why not take your weed adventure somewhere botanical? The Dallas Arboretum isn’t just the best park in the Dallas area. It’s also loaded with an incredible variety of plants. From exotic tropical plants to desert succulents, the Arboretum offers a little bit of everything.

Make sure to take in the grounds, which feature cool fountain installations and an incredible view of White Rock Lake. You won’t have a hard time finding a discreet place to puff here.

9. White Rock Lake

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Since you’re nearby, another fantastic smoke spot in Dallas is White Rock Lake. Head to the shores of the lake that sits in the middle of a thousand-acre park. With all that room to roam, there’s no shortage of idyllic smoke spots to enjoy.

If you’re a smoker who likes to hike and take in the scenery, this is one of the best places to smoke weed in Dallas, period. The park features over nine miles of trails to wander. You can also fish the lake, rent a sailboat or kayak, and feed the ducks.

8. Reunion Tower

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Get high while you’re high. The Reunion Tower is an observation deck that reaches a dizzying 470 feet in the air. From the GeO-Deck, you can take in breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views. The deck also provides high def cameras and telescopes that let you see for miles in any direction.

There’s no better way to take in the beauty of Dallas and the surrounding areas. Guests at the Reunion Tower are also invited to add their names and impressions to a digital guest book they can return to again and again.

For even more fun when you’re feeling a little giddy, you can gamify your experience with augmented reality, puzzles, clues, and lots more. Since this is a popular tourist spot, you should probably spark up before you head to the top.

7. Nasher Sculpture Center

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas


Let your smoking experience elevate your appreciation of creative expression. The open-air Nasher Sculpture Center provides some unique scenery to sneak a toke.

Walk around and really take in the marvelous, imaginative artworks. And don’t worry; the giant figures in the Bronze Crowd aren’t going to come to life—you’re just really high.

The best part about the Nasher Sculpture Center is how free you are to interact and engage with the sculptures. There’s even a whole “exhibit” devoted to wacky abstract furniture. Perfect for taking a chill and leveling out.

6. Perot Museum

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Dallas offers visitors and residents a rich palette of cultural destinations and fine art venues. So if you’re a stoner with a penchant for creativity, you’re in for some real treats.

The Perot Museum is a perfect case in point. We recommend smoking up with a strain that will stimulate your mind and expand your consciousness. The museum, which focuses on science, won’t disappoint.

Perhaps the best exhibit to check out when you’re high is the “Expanding Universe Hall.” Whose mind isn’t blown when contemplating the cosmos?

5. The State Fair Of Texas

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

No guide to the best places to smoke weed in Dallas would be complete without the world’s greatest monument to fried food. The State Fair Of Texas puts all the culinary wisdom of the Lone Star State at your fingerlickin’-good fingertips.

Make sure you arrive super stoned and with an empty stomach. The munchies will give you the motivation to down a few famous Fletcher’s Corny Dogs with fried Snickers bars for dessert.

Work off all those calories by strolling around the Fair’s many attractions, or shake your booty at one of the concert venues dotting the Fair Park.

Just make sure you take a ride on the Texas Star Ferris wheel. It’s not just a good place to sneak a puff. The views from the top of the ride are unmatched, especially at night.

4. Dallas World Aquarium

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas


For a truly mind-bending experience, the Dallas World Aquarium is not to be missed. The aquarium offers much more than exotic fish flitting around in tanks.

There’s an adorable Penguin exhibit; but beware, it’s too easy to get sucked into all that cuteness and burn your whole day watching flightless birds waddle and slide around all day.

Another highlight that’s perfect when you’re high is the shark tunnel, especially at feeding time. Try to keep cool as hammerheads and great whites cruise just a few feet above your head.

3. Texas Theatre

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Cinema Treasures

A truly unique historical landmark, and rumored to be Lee Harvey Oswald’s last hideout, the downtown Dallas Texas Theatre is a great place to get high, watch a movie, and get weird.

The theatre has a super-chill bar and specializes in screening art-house films. But the real treat of the Texas Theatre is its early twentieth-century stucco architecture. Newly renovated, and importantly, air-conditioned, the Texas Theatre was almost demolished due to its unsavory past.

2. TRE

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

Sometimes, when you’re high, the journey is worth more than the destination. If that’s your philosophy, take the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) for a half-hour ride outside Dallas to Fort Worth. The so-called “Cowtown” will give you a much more rural perspective on the greater Dallas area.

There’s lots of rare and unique sight-seeing along the way, and when you arrive, you’ll walk into the T&P Station’s massive brewhouse and bar.

We recommend pairing your bud with a hoppy, refreshing IPA. According to some folks, the ride back to Dallas after sunset will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of “Tron.”

1. Stoners Peak

Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

What’s in a name? Only one of the best places to smoke weed in Dallas. Stoners Peak is the ultimate destination for weed smokers in the Dallas area.

For many Dallas-area smokers, it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the city. So if you don’t already know where it is, find fellow weed smokers, play it cool, and ask around for the inside scoop.

The views are fantastic from the top of the peak. Taking in the views, there’s a very high likelihood you’ll come across some fellow weed fans for an impromptu sesh.

Stoners have also decorated the park with weed-friendly graffiti, pointing the way to the most serene spots to toke and chill.

Final Hit: Best Places To Smoke Weed In Dallas

So possessing, selling, and smoking weed in Dallas may be illegal. But it turns out, Dallas is one of the more weed-friendly cities in the state. And if you are stoned, there are certainly a bevy of amazing things to do and see.

But remember to play it ultra-safe in Dallas. Find discreet places to smoke and make sure to keep your stash hidden from view. The best places to smoke weed in Dallas offer many excellent, secret places to toke. But they can also be packed with people and sometimes law enforcement.

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