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Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and Conan O’Brien Smoke Weed While Driving Around LA (Video)


Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and Conan O’Brien Smoke Weed While Driving Around LA (Video)

Conan O’Brien gets lit with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Driver’s ed usually sucks, but not if you work for Conan O’Brien! For a new segment of the comedian and talk-show host’s CONAN, airing on TBS, O’Brien took one of his staffers out on the road for a bit of practice.

In an 11-minute video uploaded to YouTube, the comedian took staffer Diana Chang on an adventure to learn the rules of the road. Along the way, they picked up Ride Along 2 stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart for a lesson in driving with passengers.

First, Conan imparts some wisdom on the driver-in-training, lessons Diana wouldn’t have found in any driver’s ed course.

Conan tackles the important stuff: how to cut someone off, text while driving, and yell out the window effectively.

Diana was in for a surprise when Conan asked her to pick up Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, “upping the ante” and driving with “distracting passengers” in the car.

The two prepare Diana for a drive-by, and debate whether wearing a seatbelt is “thug life” or not.

Then the lesson takes a wild turn when Conan picks up a piñata that Hart and Cube fill with marijuana from a nearby dispensary.

It’s not long until, driving around with a giant medical marijuana flag strapped to the hood, Diana, and the boys find themselves pulled over by a bike cop.

Hart rolls down the window after sparking a blunt, and weed smoke pour from the car toward the bemused officer.

Apparently, Diana was blocking a crosswalk. She cleared the crosswalk, and the officer pedaled away.

Concerned citizens should know that Diana herself did not smoke any cannabis while driving, and thanks to California marijuana law, her medically-licensed passengers could blaze without bother.

And the video did have some safety advice concerning seat belts, straight from Ice Cube himself: “Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore his seatbelt,” he said.

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