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The Best Marijuana Spring Break Destinations

Marijuana Spring Break


The Best Marijuana Spring Break Destinations

Cannabis Spring Break

With Spring Break season now upon us, it’s time to figure out where you’re going for your week’s worth of partying. And of course, we all know marijuana is going to play a big part of whatever plans you’ve got.

So why not go all-out and dedicate your entire Spring Break to cannabis?

Why not become a full-fledged marijuana tourist? Check out our list of the best places for a marijuana Spring Break, and take your vacation to entirely new “highs.”

Marijuana Spring Break

Denver, Colorado

Denver is on a roll right now. The Broncos won the Super Bowl, it was just named the best city in the USA to live in, and of course, they have legal weed.

The marijuana tourism scene in Denver is also blowing up. You can get all the green you’ll ever need at any one of its dispensaries, you can tour cannabis farms, go on weed tasting tours, and even eat entire cannabis-infused meals.

And if you want to get out and do some exploring, we suggest the slopes at one of the nearby ski resorts for some spring skiing. You might also want to spend a day in Boulder, one of Colorado’s most dedicated 420 cities, or Nederland, a little-known hippie town just outside of Boulder.

Or take some bud with you and experience the Rocky Mountains “high” with a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Marijuana Spring Break

Portland, Oregon

Considered by many to be the epicenter of the cannabis scene in the U.S., Portland is an obvious choice for the marijuana-minded Spring Breaker.

Even in places where recreational pot is legal, there are still usually restrictions on where you can smoke. In Portland, you can find tons of 420-friendly places to stay. This makes it easy for you to enjoy all the discoveries you make while checking out the city’s numerous dispensaries and pot shops.

Portland’s also known for having one of the nation’s best food scenes, which makes it the perfect place to get the munchies and then satisfy the munchies. Check out Voodoo Donuts and any one of the city’s seemingly endless food trucks.

To get into the local weed vibe, try doing a marijuana tour of Portland by bicycle.

Marijuana Spring Break

Seattle, Washington

In Seattle you can get stoned, head to the top of the Space Needle, get stoned, drink coffee at the original Starbucks, get stoned, dive into the city’s legendary music scene, get stoned, explore some of the nearby islands, get stoned, and enjoy the incredible rainforest-like scenery of the Northwest.

Did we mention it’s a great place to get stoned?

Marijuana Spring Break

Los Angeles, California

Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre summarized a marijuana spring break in L.A. when they said: “Everybody wanna visit for women, weed, and weather.”

Sunshine, beaches taco trucks, and tons of that sticky icky. There’s a reason why L.A. is the home to so many of the world’s greatest potheads.

While you’re there, you’ll want to spend some time walking around Venice Beach. Pick up some herb from one of its many pot shops while you’re there.

And if you’re not a California resident, don’t worry, you can still legally get your hands on some killer bud. Just be sure you make an appointment as soon as you arrive to get your medical marijuana card.

Check out our guide for how to get weed in California quickly and easily.

Marijuana Spring Break

San Francisco Bay, California

Moving further up the Gold Coast of California, our last entry for the best places for a marijuana spring break is the entire San Francisco Bay area.

While it’ll probably be a little bit colder than L.A., a trip to the Bay Area will put you right in the middle of an incredible cannabis hotspot.

Oakland has such a 420-friendly vibe and so many dispensaries it’s started picking up the nickname “Oaksterdam.”

Up the street from Oakland is Berkeley, a well-known spot for all sorts of regular and countercultural activity, including all things cannabis.

Potheads who like to enjoy their bud in nature should check out Muir Woods National Monument, an incredible redwood forest just outside the city.

From there, head across the Golden Gate Bridge to downtown San Francisco, yet another Bay Area city famous for its nightlife and its all-around unique, 420-friendly urban culture.

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