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1-800-Flowers To Open 1-800-Weed

1-800-Flowers To Open1-800-Weed


1-800-Flowers To Open 1-800-Weed

With 23 states legalizing medical marijuana, cannabis is infiltrating everything mainstream including your beloved mother’s day flower service. However, are flowers and arrangements the gift of the past? Growers for 1-800-Flowers might just be trading up to growing cannabis and join the 21st century with 1-800-Weed.

According to an article by Fox News, local farmers could be uprooting their flower gardens to accede to the weed business, only if their state has legalized marijuana. The upgrade from flowers to marijuana could boost intense potential revenues that these farmers do not want to miss.

These growers aren’t even jumping ship from a little business either. The floriculture market isn’t just your grandma selling daisies; it is worth around $31.3 billion dollars in 2015 alone. Damn flowers!

In states like California, the transition would also be relatively easy. Most of the flower growers and harvesters have the resources like large greenhouse facilities and the proper space to be able to harvest enough cannabis to make money.

California is also responsible for around 76 percent of flower production in the continental United States, meaning that if this state’s growers switched to cannabis, there’d be some significant problems for the flower industry. If California legislature approves recreational use in November, producers are more likely to take up growing buds rather than bulbs.

The owner and CEO of 1-800- Flowers, Jim McCann states,

“There are a few states now, I haven’t seen it impact us yet, but we are concerned because some growers with large greenhouse facilities in California or Colorado or perhaps in Oregon are saying, ‘Is this the best crop I can grow, these flowers for all these florists around the country? Maybe I can switch to cannabis and get ten times on the revenue line.’ That’s a big concern of ours.”

Jim McCann also stated that “we’re more for rose production than we are for cannabis production.”

However, in 2015 alone the marijuana and cannabis industry was worth approximately $6.7 billion dollars in sales. The industry sales have grown a full 25 percent higher from 2015 to 2016. That’s only one year!

So statistics shows that the cannabis industry could match the net worth of the flower industry by the year 2025 if it continues to grow the way that it has been.

1-800-Flowers would be wise to jump on the cannabis bandwagon and copy the delivery techniques of companies like, Potbox, which offers the buyer the convenience of delivered weed, but also a fantastic product.

Time will tell if 1-800-Flowers decides to become 1-800-Weed, but with new legislation and that ever powerful motivation of money, it just might be your new weed delivery service.

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