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Annabis Women’s Handbags Offer Some Seriously ‘HIGH’ Fashion

Cannabis Fashion: Annabis Women's Handbags Offer Some Seriously 'HIGH' Fashion


Annabis Women’s Handbags Offer Some Seriously ‘HIGH’ Fashion

Figuring out a safe and discreet way to carry bud has always been a concern for pot smokers. Now, thanks to Annabis, you can carry your bud in style.

Because it’s a concern that affects so many people and because a failed transportation strategy can have potentially serious consequences, it’s provided some great fodder for all sorts of absurd and comedic scenarios.

Check out, for example, this hilarious clip from Broad City:

Thanks to the efforts of Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch there’s now a way for women to carry their weed without having to resort to “nature’s pocket.”

Moss and Shuch teamed up to create AnnaBis, a company that makes stylish women’s handbags designed to discretely carry everything a woman on the go might need to get high whenever and wherever she might find herself.

The bags, which come in both purse and clutch styles, are lined with an odor-blocking resin to ensure that nobody smells the sticky green contained inside.

They are also tricked out with dedicated compartments and spaces for all sorts of pot paraphernalia including pipes, eye drops, lighters, vapes, and of course, special places to store herb.

“Anna and I have been recreational and medical users of cannabis for years,” Moss told reporters from The Washington Post“We met at a party in the way that you’d imagine.”

According to the newspaper, Moss has a background in marketing and communication and Shuch studied interior design at Parsons School of Design.

For Moss and Shuch, the handbags are not just about making it easy for women to carry their weed safely and discretely; it’s also about making important political and cultural statements.

“It’s the expression of power and success,” Shuch explained.

She went on to say that AnnaBis bags are ultimately about “women feeling validated in their choices. We’re going to validate that choice with beautiful accessories.”

The handbag-designing duo is now selling their line of weed-friendly women’s bags at the AnnaBis website.

With the increasing visibility and acceptance of women who openly use pot, people like Moss and Shuch are putting the “high” into women’s high fashion in a very literal way.

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