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Ardent Releases Line of Decarboxylators and DIY Edibles Kits

Ardent Releases Line of Decarboxylators and DIY Edibles Kits


Ardent Releases Line of Decarboxylators and DIY Edibles Kits


Ardent Releases Line of Decarboxylators and DIY Edibles Kits

Now anybody with cannabis can make edibles with minimal effort.

The process of decarboxylation has kept many people from making their own edibles at home. Decarboxylation is the process of converting raw cannabinoids into their active bioavailable forms. Eating a fresh nug won’t get you high because the cannabinoids are still raw. Like raw meats, weed should be heated before consumption. Just enough heat for the decarboxylation process to finish.

Most people use an oven or stovetops that end up releasing the smell of cannabis. As a result, people who don’t have a kitchen, apartment or home to stink up haven’t bothered to make their own edibles. If you don’t have access to legal edibles or don’t want to pay the price for them, there is still hope.

Shanel Lindsay, a lawyer that played a role in the writing of cannabis regulations for Massachusetts is now in the business of making decarboxylation machines. Her company Ardent has created a small kitchen appliance that makes the process of cooking infused edibles way more accessible to the everyday cannabis consumer.

Problems With Traditional Decarboxylation

There are many factors to consider when using an oven, crockpot or stovetop to decarb. As we mentioned, there is the pungent smell of cannabis but that isn’t all. Attention also needs to be given to the temperature and amount of time you heat the cannabis for.

If the temperature is too high or you forget to turn off the oven in time, you could end up vaporizing most of the THC. Leave it for too long and there will be no active ingredients left, wasting all of the cannabis you used.

Temperatures that are too low will only partially decarb your product at best. As a result, you won’t feel the effects as well as you could have.

Fortunately, the makers of the NOVA Decarboxylator took all of the disadvantages of traditional decarboxylation into consideration when designing their device.

Advantages Of NOVA Decarboxylator

The Nova Decarboxylator Will Supercharge Your Weed

Make the perfect pot brownies every time/Green Rush Daily

With a NOVA Decarboxylator, you won’t need an entire kitchen and you won’t make as much of a mess. Not to mention, the device leaves no room for error like an oven, stovetop or crockpot would.

With the NOVA, there is no chance of burning away your precious cannabinoids. It is a smart device so it knows to stop heating when the temperature gets too high.

Another advantage is the fact that less goes into the preparation process. You won’t have to preheat the oven and prepare aluminum foil in a baking pan. They recommend not even grinding or breaking down your buds. Just open the device, put your weed inside, close it and press the only button on the device. It should light up red.

75 to 90 minutes later, the red light will turn green. Green means the heat has stopped and your weed is good to be sprinkled onto any dish.

DIY Edible Kits

Lindsay is attempting to make the edible making process easy as possible. To take things a step further than the NOVA, she has started making DIY edible kits. The kits are similar to services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh that make cooking easier by sending food ingredients, recipes and instructions directly to your door.

Ardent kits will come with a recipe and everything you need to make tasty edibles or medicinal products other than cannabis. For example, they have sleep capsules that are half filled with melatonin and half empty for users to add their decarboxylated herbs.

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