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What Do Gold, Cannabis And Bitcoin Have In Common?

What Do Gold, Cannabis And Bitcoin Have In Common?


What Do Gold, Cannabis And Bitcoin Have In Common?

Looking to invest? Well, according to one investor, you may want to consider investing in gold, cannabis and bitcoin.

For those looking to invest, the cannabis industry is a relatively untapped market with the potential for some pretty substantial gains. Since you’re still now, essentially, getting in from the ground up, it’s still considered a pretty big risk/reward situation. However, as cannabis becomes increasingly legal in varying states, the risk appears to be going down—while the reward, conversely, is going up.

But according to investment guru Doug Casey, western civilization as we know it is on the trajectory of a steep decline. And according to Casey, there’s not much we can do to stop it.

“The chances of stopping western civilization from declining further are about as good as the Roman Empire stopping going downhill in the mid-fourth century,” Casey noted during last week’s New Orleans Investment Conference. “Trends in motion tend to stay in motion.”

However, Casey believes we can withstand the changing landscape by making sound investments.

His advice? Invest in gold, cannabis and bitcoin.

Gold, Cannabis And Bitcoin: A Recipe For Success

In the interview, Casey admits, that putting money into gold, cannabis and bitcoin is more like speculating than actual sound investing.

However, he believes, in the long-run, it will pay off greatly. Especially considering the current landscape of the economy.

Casey believes, inflation will be “out of control in the years to come,” and thinks putting your money in the gold market, rather than traditional stocks and bonds, could prove to be a shrewd choice. And in comparison to some blue-chip stocks, the price of gold isn’t too high.

“At this point a very reasonably priced asset at about $1,250,” Casey said.

Bitcoin, Casey said, might be a little riskier, and it may be a little late in the game to buy in now. However, he believes there is still room for substantial growth.

“It’s late in the day for bitcoin,” Casey said. “It’s a bubble, but I think the bubble is going to get bigger. It’s not a prediction, but I do anticipate that’s going to happen—maybe much bigger.”

Casey went on to say that bitcoin’s value lies in the fact people can move money around without being dependent on banks.

Of the three commodities mentioned, however, Casey appeared to be the most excited about cannabis and believes the industry as a whole is primed for exponential growth.

“There was a bubble not so long ago in cannabis stocks,” Casey explained. “And now it’s deflated, you can sort out the good companies. And the reason I like them is because I think over the next decade the cannabis industry’s going to grow 10 to 1. I think it’s almost inevitable… it’s going to be as big as alcohol. you pick the right companies now, I think you’re going to do very well.”

While investing is never a sure thing, Casey believes these three commodities could lead to a better financial future, if done correctly.

While the jury is still out on gold and bitcoin, it’s hard to argue the earning potential within the cannabis industry. In a rapidly expanding market, it’s only a matter of time before investing in cannabis is the norm, rather than the exception.

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