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Pennsylvania Dispensary Penalized After Selling Weed For $1 A Gram

Pennsylvania Dispensary Penalized After Selling Weed For $1 A Gram
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Pennsylvania Dispensary Penalized After Selling Weed For $1 A Gram

Justice Grown Pennsylvania was rebuked for selling their weed at a dollar per gram.

A small number of medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania just got the deal of their lives when a dispensary started selling weed for $1 a gram. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. Well, sort of. According to Pennsylvania’s Department of Health, that special pricing may have violated state laws barring dispensaries from running promotional discounts on cannabis.

$1 Grams in Pennsylvania

Last week, Justice Grown Pennsylvania sold a limited supply of Lemon Sweet Skunk and Cherry Diesel for $1 a gram. According to local news sources, those strains should typically sell for closer to $10 to $15 per gram.

Justice Grown limited each patient to only two grams of the specially priced strains. Not surprisingly, the shop quickly ran out of its inventory. By the end of the day, 134 patients were able to buy weed for $1 a gram and the dispensary moved 268 grams off its shelves.

Justice Grown said the special pricing was to celebrate new changes to Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana laws. In particular, the shop was celebrating the fact that dispensaries can now sell actual bud to patients.

Previously, the state only allowed patients to purchase and consume cannabis oil. Under the old rules, plant matter could not be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries. But after the newest round of changes went into effect earlier this month, dispensaries can now sell and patients can now buy marijuana flower.

Too Good To Be True?

While the patients who got their hands on the cheap weed certainly enjoyed the dispensary’s celebration, the shop’s special pricing may not have been legal. At the very least, selling weed for $1 a gram put the shop in a shaky legal territory.

That’s because Pennsylvania does not allow medical marijuana dispensaries to run promotions on cannabis. And some authorities apparently saw Justice Grown’s special pricing as a promotion.

But the dispensary owners don’t see it that way. They told local sources that it wasn’t a special promotion or even a sale. Instead, they said they simply chose to sell a new product at that particular price point.

In other words, this was the first time the shop was selling that particular product. Because of this, the shop owners are free to set the price point wherever they want. And because there have not been any prior retail prices for these products, the shop wasn’t actually offering a discount or a sale.

Either way, the shop blazed through its inventory before authorities could shut them down. But it seems unlikely that Justice Grown, or any other dispensary for that matter, will be able to run this type of a deal again.

No More Super Discounted Weed For Patients

In any case, Pennsylvania’s decision to allow dispensaries to sell cannabis flower has so far been met with optimism. In particular, a new analysis predicted that the addition of flower would quadruple the revenue brought in by the state’s medical marijuana industry.

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana market is expected to bring in around $60 million this year. That number is projected to hit $240 million by 2020.

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