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Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals


Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

At a concert or music festival, we assume you want to be jumping and jamming, not crashing. So it’s important to choose the right cannabis strains when attending festivals. Indica-dominant strains will have you limp and lifeless in a lively crowd. We put together a list of strains that’ll keep you happy and energetic while listening to live music.

Sativa Strains For Festivals

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

The best cannabis strains for a day of live music on your feet are sativa-dominant. Sativa strains tend to be associated more with a head-high and less with the body so you won’t be as slowed down.

Here are some of the best strains for concert goers:

Green Crack

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

By far one of the best strains for a music festival is Green Crack. There aren’t many strains that can match it’s high-energy and focused high. It’s a great daytime high and it’s one of the few strains that’ll keep you going throughout your festival.

On top of high energy, you’ll be happy and uplifted, from the euphoric effects. The flavor reminds us of a tropical fruit like mango making it an enjoyable smoke.

Jack Herer

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Jack Herer is a strain that’s becoming as legendary as the cannabis activist it was named after. The strain is sativa-dominant providing users with a more focused high. On the other hand, users of Jack Herer find themselves in a creative state of bliss, which is a great for listening to and interpreting music.

Sour Diesel

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Sour Diesel has become a personal favorite of many cannabis consumers since its introduction in the early 90’s. In fact, the strain has been cited in the work of many conscious rappers like Nas, the Wu Tang Clan, and Biggie Smalls.

The energizing sativa is dreamy and perfect for losing yourself to the music. In fact, this strain will leave you feeling woke AF. For real, Sour D will have you nodding your head and appreciating the depth and meaning behind lyrics.

Recommended Hybrid Strains

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Some of us are past the age where entering a mosh pit sounds like a good time. You can smoke something more relaxing in a less tense part of the crowd while enjoying your live tunes.

Blue Dream

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Blue Dream is one of those perfect in between strains: half indica and half sativa. In fact, it’s got the best of both worlds: a euphoric cerebral high matched with relaxing body effects. This strain is perfect for hanging back in the crowd, swaying your arms from side to side and really feeling the music.

The smoke has a taste of fresh blueberries from it’s Blueberry heritage. Since it’s creation in the west coast, Blue Dream has skyrocketed in popularity.


Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Trainwreck is a name that emphasizes the strains intensity. The cerebral effects are strong while your body gets left feeling mellow. This is a great strain for slow jams or mind-bending tracks.

The cerebral effects should enhance the way music is perceived while your body becomes possessed and moves to the beat.

Final Hit

Best Cannabis Strains For Music Festivals

Cannabis affects our perception of time, and music is a time process. So, you’ll be able to listen to music in a different way than you usually would. To many, music is more enjoyable when you’re high. If you’ve never tried it we think you’re missing out. Try bringing one of the strains on our list to your favorite music festivals!

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