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Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains


Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

There are so many strains out there that it can be overwhelming! From diesel’s to kush’s to everything in between, finding the right strain for you can often be a laborious process. This guide will help lead you in the right direction when it comes to citrus-flavored cannabis strains.

Agent Orange

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

This one caught our attention because of the amazing profile of aromas associated with it. With typical citrus scents like orange and lemon, these strains even take it further. AO grasps onto slight woody notes, giving it a smell profile similar to a whiskey sour cocktail.

This strain not only produces a great aroma but is also heavy yielding with very dense buds. The yield is about 50/50 of Sativa/Indica with it typically being a little more Sativa-heavy. The high is borderline trippy and it gives off great orange aromas. A unique part of Agent Orange is the pain relief properties combined with health properties.  This great high meets the needs of large groups of people as it relieves pain and relaxes and comforts.

Twisted Citrus

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Twisted Citrus is a strain that, like Agent Orange, tends to lead towards Sativa dominance. Again popular for a strong array of citrus aromas, Twisted Citrus really draws users because of the level of THC in the strain that can reach up to 24%. Contrasting with the effects of Agent Orange, this strain is ideal for a boost of energy. Its uses as a wake and bake or a pick-me-up in the afternoon can vary, but it will get you going.

Amnesia Haze

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

In the fall of 2016, Amsterdam-based company Bedrocan came out with a very intriguing new strain: Amnesia Haze. This strain is again Sativa-dominant at about 80%, with THC levels ranging from 20-25%. Amnesia Haze has found a lot of commercial success, winning Best Overall at the Cannabis Cup in 2004, then again for best Sativa in 2012.

This strain is not usually associated with a citrus-flavored strain, but the tastes and aromas are undeniable. A balance of woodiness and lemon dominate the flowers. Spice and citrus in the taste. A familiarity to other strains from the Haze family, but at the same time with very unique properties. The Sativa dominance in this strain makes it perfect for a boost in energy and mood. While also having the ability to keep you relaxed and calm, stick to this strain if you’re having trouble keeping energized or focused.

The Sativa dominance in this strain makes it perfect for a boost in energy and mood. While also having the ability to keep you relaxed and calm, stick to this strain if you’re having trouble keeping energized or focused.


Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Transitioning a little, the next strain in the discussion is Cannatonic and boasts nearly 20% CBD. This medical marijuana strain is versatile in its usefulness. From pain to anxiety, Cannatonic has been specifically known to help with mental disorders affecting mood. In addition, many reviews say it also alleviates stress levels.

Created by Resin Seeds, the citrus in this strain comes from pollinating a female MK Ultra with a male G13 Haze. The result, similar to Amnesia Haze, is citrus dominant with an even earthy balance.


Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Next on the list is Tangie. Its name might say it all, but this strain is flush with a combination of oranges and skunk spray. It is sativa dominant and helps with anxiety and depression. It is particularly great if you’re in the mood to munch. Being on the West Coast this one needed a shoutout, but if you plan to grow your own it’s well worth it. By the 5th week, you should have some serious height on your plant, with very resinous buds and an almost overwhelming aroma of tangerines. This strain found popularity as a tribute to Tangerine Dream, a notable strain that came about in the mid-90s.

Citrus Kush

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

After so many Sativa-dominant strains, Citrus Kush is the contrast needed. The epitome of a citrus-flavored strain, it is popular for being an extremely uplifting and giggly high. The taste bursts of lemon, orange, and tangerine. It is great for things like depression, muscle relaxation, and migraines, with a particularly long-lasting high.

Lemon Kush

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Moving forward to hybrid strain Lemon Kush. This strain is very popular for its sweet citrus aromas. The balance of Indica and Sativa are perfect for people looking to stay creative, but also relaxed and stress-free. This strain is unique because there are many conflicting theories as to its genetics. Theories of the cross range anywhere from Master Kush and Lemon Joy to Lemon G and Afghan Kush, but the Lemony goodness is undeniable.

Grapefruit Sour Diesel

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Another popular citrus-flavored hybrid strain is Grapefruit Sour Diesel. It is unique in that it has one of the most notably pungent scent profiles of any strain. The contrasting notes of grapefruit and fuel make it undeniably intriguing. Much like Lemon Kush, users will feel clear-headed, creative, and energized. One of the more notable symptoms that it aids with are patients suffering from PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Jack’s Cleaner

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

Produced from The Cleaner and Jack Herer, this strain is very pungent. Its flowering period is between 6 to 8 weeks and produces beautiful yellow buds. The aromas are potent with pine and citrus, and when smoked have similar flavors of lemon and chemicals. This strain is yet another hybrid that makes users euphoric and happy, and can also help greatly with pain and nausea in medical users. Its popularity stems from its potency in flavor and smell, found to be very similar to lemon household cleaners.

OG Kush

Best Citrus-Flavored Cannabis Strains

This list can only end one way, and that is with OG Kush. It is known as the original Cali Weed, with THC levels exceeding 20% and a slightly sativa-heavy ratio. However, in addition to these facts, it is also a perfect strain to end this article with.

While a lot of the time OG Kush is described as having earthy and wood taste with strong pine aromas, citrus is also hugely prominent in many cases. Produced right, OG Kush should be equal parts earthy and sweet. Many people associate this sweetness as being similar to lemon cleaner or a fresh lime.

However you perceive it, expect a powerful euphoric high that more often than not will throw you right onto the couch. Its popularity is undeniable, with everyone from celebrities in Hollywood to athletes to medical doctors vocally supporting it. A true Californian strain, and the only way to sign off on this one.

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