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Blue Cheese Strain Review And Information

Blue Cheese Strain Review And Information


Blue Cheese Strain Review And Information

Blue Cheese is a well-balanced indica dominant hybrid strain, it does an excellent job of bringing out the best of indica body highs and sativa head highs.

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a well-balanced hybrid strain. Although it’s an Indica dominant strain, it does an excellent job of bringing out the best of Indica body highs and Sativa head highs. The final result is a classic strain that could easily find its way into your usual cannabis lineup.


Blue Cheese buds have anywhere from 15% to 20% THC. That makes them noticeably more potent than most other Indica strains, which across the board average closer to the 12% mark.


This strain has built a reputation for delivering a beautiful, well-balanced high that makes itself known but never becomes too overwhelming. After your first few puffs expect to feel a pleasant body high that will immediately melt away whatever stress you may be feeling.

The calm and sedated feeling probably won’t leave you couch locked. Instead, the calming effects of this strain are complemented by a light head high that will leave you feeling happy, uplifted, and euphoric. For many medical and recreational users, Blue Cheese delivers a near perfect high.

Scent & Flavor

True to its name, your Blue Cheese buds will smell earthy, woody, moldy, and fruity—something a lot like blue cheese. While a lot of that unique combo will carry over into the smoke, many Blue Cheese fans say the smoke takes on a slightly more fruity taste.

Blue Cheese Strain Review And Information

Negative Effects

Some users experience minor paranoia, some dizziness, and maybe even headaches. In general, though, the well balanced high produced by Blue Cheese treats most people well.

Used For

You can use this strain whenever you’d like, but in case it leaves you a little too relaxed, we’d suggest using it in the evening or at night. Blue Cheese is ideal for social settings. A sesh with your closest friends will leave everyone feeling happily relaxed and uplifted.

You can also use this strain for any situation when you need to take the edge off, decompress, and just relax. For medical purposes, try it to treat stress, depression, and mood or anxiety disorders. Some patients have success treating migraines, sleeping disorders, and anything related to their appetites.


Blue Cheese is the baby of a Blueberry daddy and a U.K. Cheese mommy. As such, it does an excellent job of bringing out the best attributes of both its parent strains. That includes everything from smell and taste to the actual effects it produces.


Blue Cheese is usually a pretty easy strain to grow. While you can grow it pretty much anywhere, it does especially well in the Sea of Green method. Expect flowers to show up around the eight to ten-week mark. Buds will be beautiful and plump with a mouth-watering coating of milky white crystals.

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